2017 -2019 Candidates' Web pages



August 29

Deadline for receipt of petitions (see the NAHRO Constitution for Details)

           September  13

Last day to add/change Associates and to join NAHRO as an Allied Individual Member to be eligible to vote in the election. The number of Associates your agency is entitled to equals one vote per Associate.

Housing Agency Members are entitled to 6 associates plus 1 additional associate for each $200 in dues paid

Public Agency Departments with a population less than 50,000 are entitled to 7 Associates,  those with a population between 50,000-100,000 are entitled to 9 Associates, those with populations between 100,001-250,000 are entitled to 11 Associates, those with populations between 250,001-500,000 are entitled to 13 Associates, and those with populations greater than 500,000 are entitled to 15 Associates

Manufacturers and Suppliers Council Members are entitled to 8 associates

For Profit Organizations are entitled to 8 associates

Non Profit Organizations are entitled to 7 associates

  October 2 - October 24 

Voting Period (hybrid ballot - paper and online)

October 27

 Election results announced at the National Conference & Exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA


Watch NAHRO's three candidates for the 2017-2019 biennial election discuss why
they would like to be President or Senior Vice President  below.

Town Hall Meeting: 2017 Washington Conference  



Candidates' Forum: 2016 National Conference and Exhibition

Candidate for President

Carl S. Richie, Jr, NCC, NAHRO Fellow
Housing Authority of the City of Austin
Austin, TX

  Candidates for Senior Vice President

                            A Young
 Sunny Shaw, PHM, CME                                Ailrick D. Young, PHM
   Executive Director                                       Executive Director
                         Housing Authority of Pocatello              Housing Authority of the City of Laurel                
Pocatello, ID                                                  Laurel, MS

2017 NAHRO Biennial Election Voting Period - October 2 - October 24