Action Needed: New Letter on FY 2019 Transportation-HUD Spending


The latest spending deadline of December 7 has passed. Once again, Congress has opted to delay final spending decisions, this time until Friday, December 21. Help NAHRO reach its goal of sending 3,400 letters to Congress during the lame duck session by sending a new letter on FY 2019 funding to your lawmakers today.

To send the updated letter to your legislators, visit and follow the instructions.

Negotiations on spending were temporarily suspended last week with the passing of former President George HW Bush. Lawmakers and the White House agreed to an additional two-week continuing resolution to allow for a period of mourning. The current CR is now set to expire on Friday, December 21.

Negotiations will resume this week. For a full update on where we stand with appropriations and what the possible outcomes of negotiations are, watch this video with NAHRO’s Director of Congressional Relations, Tess Hembree.

One possibility is a full-year continuing resolution, which would fund the entire FY 2019 under FY 2018 spending levels. Because spending levels last year were so high, this outcome would generally be acceptable, but additional funding would be needed to include the cost increases to the Housing Choice Voucher program’s Housing Assistance Payments. This is known as an anomaly. A list of potential anomalies was released today, but HCV was not included. Your voice is critical to ensure that full funding for HCV is included in a full-year CR, so please visit the NAHRO Advocacy Center and send a letter today!

Thank you for your work to help NAHRO achieve its goal of 3,400 letters to Congress!