August 2014 HCD News Clips

August 26, 2014

Video of the Week

Public Housing Builds Communities: ReThink Why Housing Matters

National News

Unplugging Our Cities: How We Can Ensure a Safe, Resilient Future

Non-National News

St. Louis, Mo.: A Failed Public-Housing Project Could Be a Key to St. Louis' Future

Philadelphia, Pa.: Congressman Fattah Announces $60 Million in Housing Grants for Philadelphia

Muskogee, Okla.: Muskogee Housing Authority again receives top HUD honor

Little Rock, Ark.: Arkansas Fair Housing Commission confirms Latino discrimination

San Diego, Calif.: Cities Can Ease Homelessness With Storage Units


Austin, Texas: Austin Nonprofit Is Building 'Microhouses' for the Homeless

August 25, 2014

 HUD/Administration News

HUD’S CDBG Program at 40: A Legacy of Opportunity (Blog)

HUD Charges Kent State University for Housing Discrimination

World News

Sweden: To have and have not

National News

Ferguson's Experience Offers Lessons on Integration

Miley Cyrus Opts Out Of VMA Acceptance Speech To Advocate For Homeless Youth

Non-National News

Dalton, Ga.: Housing authority rehab part of larger plans to upgrade its buildings

Danville, Ky.: Housing Authority of Danville discusses proposed federal rent increases

Tulsa, Okla.: Housing vouchers: Our map shows where they're being used the most in Tulsa

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Planning $178 Million in Public Housing Developments

Denver, Colo.: Denver affordable housing efforts face uncertainty after council vote

Miami, Fla.: Homestead housing agency appealing federal decision

Meriden, Conn.: Meriden ministry helps children prepare for first day of school

Tri-cities, Wash.: New scholarship program to help families move beyond housing

Portland, Ore.: Affordable housing planned for inner SE Portland park in nonprofit's attempt to combat gentrification

August 22, 2014

 HUD/Administration News


Video of the Week

Video: Find A Way Success Stories

Non-National News

What's Next for Rosewood?

Portland, Ore.: Hoyt Street Properties fails to deliver enough affordable housing under Portland's Pearl District development deal

Tallahassee, Fla.: FTLH Housing Residents Complete Training to Open Own Business

Flint, Mich.: Flint clinic offers holistic health care services to public housing residents, neighborhoods

Honolulu, Hawaii: Local Connection: Affordable Housing

Chicago, Ill.: Affordable housing project begins in Chicago

Pittsburgh, Pa.: False promises: More homeless aid eligibility requires more funds (Op. Ed.)

Hoboken, N.J.: HUD review slams Hoboken Housing Authority procurement practices; Garcia blames board, others for issues

August 19, 2014

 HUD/Administration News

Ceremonial swearing-in for Julian Castro

Video of the Week

Consider the Person: Bethany Hooper, Housing Choice Voucher Property Manager

Non-National News

Denver, Colo.: Denver City Council: Amid much debate, affordable housing bill narrowly advances

New York, N.Y.: Stylist Who Spends Every Sunday Cutting Hair For Homeless: 'Every Human Life Is Worth The Same'

Des Moines, Iowa: How low-income housing tax credits work

Guam: Tamuning housing complex opens

Lafayette, Ind.: Federal cuts prompt budget tightening at LHA

Boston, Mass.: Supreme Judicial Court upholds eviction of public housing tenant from apartment where crime occurred

Albuquerque, N.M.: Albuquerque May Pass Homeless Tax: copy6m to Help the Needy

Dawson Springs, Ky.: Governor Joins Grand Opening of Dawson Springs Housing Project

NY: Phase 2 of New Rochelle housing begins

August 18, 2014

 HUD/Administration News

HUD calling for applicants as agency begins hiring spree

World News

Japan: First tranche of public housing for Fukushima evacuees hit by delays

Non-National News

Chicago, Ill.: CHA to curb controversial 'supervouchers' in luxury buildings

Pawtucket, R.I.: HUD wants details on how R.I. Housing and Urban League disbursed $1.25 million to Pawtucket homeless shelter

Kansas City, Mo.: Forces gather behind new plan to remake slice of KC’s urban core

Buffalo, N.Y.: Investors near acquisition of 295 affordable housing units

San Diego, Calif.: Affordable housing complex in Lincoln Park begins renovations worth $13.5 million

Worcester, Mass.: Abandoned Worcester factory to become affordable housing

Tucson, Ariz.: Buy land now for affordable housing later, Tucson told

Newport News, Va.: In 5 days, 1,223 people seek Section 8 vouchers in Newport News

Philadelphia, Pa.: HUD's changes to maps disrupt assistance money

Carlisle, Pa.: Guest Column: Saluting community development

August 15, 2014

World News

Australia: Public Housing Sits Empty As People Wait For Accommodation

Non-National News

Immokalee, Fla.: Affordable Housing Development To Serve Working Families in Immokalee

Flint, Mich.: Flint clinic offers holistic health care services to public housing residents, nearby neighborhoods

Milwaukee, Wis.: Homelessness, Housing, and HIV: What are the Connections?

Los Angeles, Calif.: Build the Affordable Housing in LA, but leave out the poor doors

Ames, Iowa: Ames Celebrates 40th Anniversary of CDBG Program

Dallas, Texas: Dallas Manager, Mayor Wrong To Keep HUD Troubles Secret (Editorial)

August 14, 2014

HUD/Administration News

HUD Fines Freedom Mortgage Over Discrimination Claims

National News

Homelessness and the Possibility of a Good Night’s Sleep

Non-National News

New Orleans, La.: For ex-cons, finding housing may become less difficult in the Big Easy

Weymouth, Mass.: Block Grant Fund Projects

Illinois: Throwback Thursday: Building a Belleville home to begin the Baby Boom

Fairfax, Va.: Homelessness: Source of trauma for children (Op. Ed.)

Keene, N.H.: Meadow Road housing gets renovation grant

N.Y.: How Freedomland Became A “Health Care’ Center

August 13, 2014

HUD and Administration News

Video: The Role of the CDBG Program in Creating Decent Housing

VA Announces New Grants to Help End Veterans Homelessness

Video of the Week

Watch Robin Williams Call For 'Moral Commitment' To End Homelessness

National News

Which States Have the Highest Levels of Homelessness?

Non-National News

Fort Collins, Colo.: This Coffee Shop is Staffed By Homeless People—And It’s Working

Crown Hill, Ind.:  Revitalization plan brings new homes to Crown Hill area

Needham, Mass.: Patrick vetoes Needham bill, says it would block affordable housing

Brooklyn, N.Y.: Affordable Housing is Unclear in Brooklyn Hospital Venture

Salt Lake City, Utah: Jail is not the answer to Salt Lake City’s homelessness ill, officials say

August 12, 2014

Video of the Week

Michelle Obama’s Speech at the 2014 Homelessness Conference

World News

Canada: $801-million funding pledge won’t go to community housing repairs in Toronto

Involving the Urban Poor in Inclusive Housing poor_b_5670133.html?utm_hp_ref=impact&ir=Impact

Non-National News

New York City, N.Y.: Public Housing in New York Reaches a Fiscal Crisis

Chicago, Ill.: Opinion: Study Shows City Needs More Equitable Housing Plan

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Proposed Affordable Housing Project Continues To Raise Concerns (Video)

Conn.: Affordable Housing Isn't A Problem — Not Having It Is (Op. Ed.)

August 11, 2014

HUD/Administration News


World News

Ireland: Housing Crisis: Private Enterprise, Public Interest

National News

How a housing shortage is reshaping parts of Appalachia

Non-National News

Chillicothe, Ohio: Chillicothe Gets Housing Grant for Homeless Veterans

Rome, Ga.: Northwest Georgia Housing Authority Changes with The Times

Chattanooga, Tenn.: The road from traditional public housing to rental vouchers is far from smooth in Chattanooga

Hibbing, Minn.: Report: Wages not keeping up with rent

Asheville, N.C.: Housing Authority Aims to Move Tenants ‘Into Market.’

August 7, 2014

World News

Canada: Housing For All Reports

United Kingdom: Understanding What Is Truly Affordable Housing (Blog)

National News

Increasing Student Debt Yet Another Reason For Balanced Housing Policy

Non-National News

Washington, D.C.: Why D.C. is About To Have Even Less Affordable Housing

Natick, Mass.:  Natick Housing celebrates renovated apartments, fewer vacancies

New Orleans, La.: Yale-bound child of poverty Leonard Galmon is honored by public housing office

Colorado Springs, Colo.: Waiting time can be long for those seeking wheelchair-accessible housing rentals

August 6, 2014

HUD/Administration News

HUD and VA announce nearly 1000 vouchers to help homeless veterans find permanent homes

World News

Canada: Money Spent on Homelessness Research Is Better Spent Housing People (Blog)

Australia: Homeless Young People Express Ideas about Home through Photography

National News

U.S. Poverty Growing Faster In The Suburbs Than Big Cities

Non-National News

Philadelphia, Pa.: Philadelphia awarded $30 million choice neighborhood implementation grant by HUD

Elkton, MD: HUD’s Case Study on Preserving Rural Housing

Albuquerque, N.M.: Albuquerque Mayor Forming Task Force To Better Protect Homeless Native Americans

August 5, 2014

Video of the Week

Navy Vet Turned Teacher Simulates Homelessness for a Month To Raise Awareness, Funds

World News

Papua New Guinea: Women in Papua New Guinea Take The Lead in Community Development  

Ireland: Charity Blames Government for Homelessness

Non-National News

Chicago, Ill.: CHA Voucher Program Prompts Federal Probe


Seattle, Wash.: Guest Editorial: We Are Fighting for Affordable Housing on Many Fronts (Op. Ed.)

Milwaukee, Wis.: Developer seeks city loan to help renovate low-income housing

August 4, 2014

HUD/Administration News

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts  

World News

Singapore: A Call for More Equality in Housing

Australia: Older women at risk for homelessness as rents rise and jobs disappear

Non-National News

New York City, N.Y.: A Matter of Building Trust

Espanola Valley, N.M.: Got a Tribal Housing Dream? It May be Within Your Reach

Columbia, S.C.: Redevelopment Lags for Columbia’s Oldest Housing Project

Boulder, Colo.: Boulder Students Get Extra Literacy Instruction in Summer Program

Oklahoma City, Okla.: Affordable Housing Draws Middle Class to Inland Cities

Philadelphia, Pa.: As need for vets housing grows, group answers

Chicago, Ill.: Housing for the Poor Going Unbuilt

Washington, D.C.: Poor door’ controversy extends to Washington DC as affordable housing ‘wing’ given entrance on different street

August 1, 2014

HUD/Administration News

Michelle Obama: “Let’s End Veteran Homelessness”

Video of the Week

President Obama welcomes Castro, inspires HUD staff

World News

Beirut: Housing Institute Receives Cash From Treasury

National News

With More than 2 Million Units at Risk, How Can the U.S. Preserve its Affordable Rental Housing Stock? (Harvard JCHS Blog)

Poor Doors Are About As Egalitarian as the U.S. Gets

Non-National News

Sherman, Texas: TCOG Expanding Program to Aid Homeless Vets

Norton, Mass: Norton Spruces Up Public Housing

Louisville, Ky.: Section 8 test would be optional, rent lowered

Chicago, Ill.: Poor Families Use Super Vouchers to Rent In City’s Priciest Buildings