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PIH Notice 2013-27: Voluntary Relinquishment of Enhanced or Regular Voucher in Exchange for PBV in Multifamily Conversion

Summary:  HUD issued a notice (PIH Notice 2013-27) which provides procedures that PHAs must follow when the recipient of an enhanced voucher (or regular housing choice voucher - see paragraph 4) voluntarily agrees to relinquish such assistance in exchange for the provision of Project-Based Voucher (PBV) assistance.

Date of Issuance:  December 4, 2013

View the notice here.

PIH NOtice 2013-26: Extension of Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs – Temporary Compliance Assistance

Summary:  HUD's notice (PIH Notice 2013-26) extends notice PIH-2013-03 through March 31, 2015.  HUD's notice establishes temporary guidelines for public housing agencies (PHAs) in fulfilling certain Public Housing (PH) and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program requirements during this period of decreased resources available to PHAs. These guidelines are intended to facilitate the ability of PHAs to continue, without interruption and with minimal burden, the delivery of rental assistance to eligible families in their communities.

Notice of Annual Factors for Determining PHA Administrative Fees for Section 8 Voucher and Mod. Rehab. Programs

Summary:  HUD's notice (PIH Notice 2013-25) announces the monthly per unit fee amounts for use in determining the on-going administrative fee for housing agencies administering the rental voucher and moderate rehabilitation programs, including Single Room Occupancy during Calendar Year (CY) 2013.

Date of Issuance:  September 27, 2013

View the PIH notice here, and the corresponding Federal Register notice here.

HUD Issues FY 2014 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs)

Summary:  On September 16, 2013, HUD published a notice of certain FY 2014 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) for project-based assistance contracts for eligible multifamily housing developments having an anniversary date on or after February 11, 2014.  OCAFs are annual factors used to adjust Section 8 rents renewed under section 524 of the Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997 (MAHRA).  HUD’s OCAFs take effect on February 11, 2014.

Date of Issuance:  September 16, 2014

PIH Notice 2013-24: Revised Eligibility Requirements for Section 8 Voucher Contract Renewal HAP Set-Aside Funds for Shortfalls

Summary:  The purpose of this HUD's notice (2013-24) is to revise the eligibility criteria outlined in Paragraph 13 of Notice PIH 2013-12, for Category 1 (“Shortfall Funds”) for the $103 Million Set-Aside. Category 1 “Shortfall Funds” provides funding for PHAs, that despite taking reasonable cost savings measures as determined by the Secretary, would otherwise be required to terminate participating families from the program due to insufficient funds.

Publication Date:  September 19, 2013

PIH Notice 2013:20: Processing requests for regulatory waivers through appropriate field offices

Summary:  HUD's notice (PIH Notice 2013-20) updates PIH Notice 2009-41, which provided instructions for submitting requests for regulatory waivers in compliance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Reform Act of 1989.

PIH Notice 2013-19: Special Purpose Housing Choice Vouchers for Non-Elderly Disabled Families

Summary:  The purpose of HUD’s PIH Notice 2011-32 was to establish policies and procedures for issuing, tracking and monitoring Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) that were awarded under a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) to provide rental assistance specifically for non-elderly disabled (NED) families. These policies and procedures addressed initial issuance, re-issuance and maintenance of these NED HCVs, tracking them in HUD’s Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) and Voucher Management System (VMS) and issues related to reasonable accommodation.

PIH Notice 2013-18: Exception Payment Standards for Persons with Disabilities as a Reasonable Accommodation

Summary:  HUD’s Notice (PIH Notice 2013-18) supersedes PIH Notice 2011-19 (which extended Notice PIH 2010-11). Prior to revisions made in PIH Notice 2013-18, PHAs were informed that an exception payment standard may remain in effect until or unless a higher exception payment standard was warranted, requested, and subsequently approved.

PIH Notice 2013-15:Guidance on housing individuals & families experiencing homelessness through Public Housing and HCV programs

Summary:  The purpose of HUD's notice (PIH Notice 2013-15) is to provide strategies that PHAs can pursue to expand housing opportunities for individuals and families experiencing homelessness through the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs.  HUD's notice clarifies the definition of homelessness for the purpose of IMS/PIC reporting, and provides guidance on HUD policies and program regulations related to the following topics: waiting list management and preferences; admissions policies regarding criminal activity, substance use/abuse, and renta

PIH Notice 2013-14: Disaster Housing Assistance Program - Sandy (DHAP-Sandy) Operating Requirements

Summary:  HUD's operating requirements set forth the policies and procedures for the Disaster Housing Assistance Program- Sandy (DHAP-Sandy). DHAP-Sandy is a HUD-FEMA initiative to provide monthly rental assistance, security deposit and utility deposit assistance for certain New York State families displaced from their homes by Hurricane Sandy. DHAP-Sandy has been modeled after previous Disaster Housing Assistance Programs for families displaced by Hurricanes Katrina/Rita and Gustav/Ike. The DHAP-Sandy is administered by HUD’s network of PHAs.

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