In this edition of the NAHRO Monitor...

The January 31 edition of the NAHRO Monitor is now available online.  Highlights include the latest information on proposed spending cuts for FY 2011 and beyond, and coverage of NAHRO's response to the Rental Housing Revitalization Act of 2010.  Also included: an analysis of how dramatic funding reductions would impact the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, NAHRO's comments on the Choice Neighborhoods FY 2010 NOFA, the latest on the HCV admin. fee study, and the recent departure of a high-ranking HUD official.  

On Page 3 of the NAHRO Monitor, NAHRO CEO Saul Ramirez discusses the unresolved FY 2011 appropriations process and offers thoughts on how advocacy for investments in housing and community development programs can succeed even in the current political climate: 

"President Obama’s State of the Union address focused heavily on the economic challenges facing our nation and sustaining the fragile recovery that now appears to be underway. The President plans to repair and restore the nation’s infrastructure — HCD programs play a vital role in this. HCD programs create greener homes, efficiently functioning transit systems, stronger educational initiatives and, most importantly, economic growth and global competitiveness." 

NAHRO members can access the January 31 edition of the NAHRO Monitor here.