HUD Announces FY 2010 Continuum of Care Grants

HUD has issued a press release announcing $1.411 billion in FY 2010 competitive awards for Continuum of Care renewals.  According to the release, HUD will announce awards for new projects "later in the year."  A state-by-state breakdown of the awards made under the renewal competitive programs (Shelter Pluse Care, Single Room Occupancy, and Supportive Housing) is available through HUD's website

The FY 2011 funding cycle will see major changes in the way HUD provides McKinney-Vento homeless assistance grant funding.  In May 2009 President Obama signed major reform legislation into law.  The bill, known as the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (HEARTH), consolidated the three competitive HUD homeless assistance grant programs into a single competitive - and, for the first time, formally authorized - Continuum of Care program. HEARTH also renamed the Emergency Shelter Grant program the Emergency Solutions Grant program and revamps the program to provide grantees with greater flexibility to prevent homelessness and provide re-housing services.