HUD Announces FY 2011 CPD Formula Allocations

In case you missed it, HUD posted FY 2011 formula allocations for CDBG, HOME, ESG, and HOPWA on Friday, May 27.  HUD's press release announcing the allocations is available here

The FY 2011 year-long Continuing Resolution was signed into law on April 15, meaning that 43 days passed between the bill's enactment and HUD's announcement.  This is a significant improvement compared to the previous year.  For FY 2010, 105 days passed between the enactment of the final spending bill and the date on which HUD posted formula allocations.  The gap for  FY 2009 was 54 days, and the gap for FY 2008 was a mere 27 days.

Last year NAHRO originated legislative language that would require the HUD Secretary to notify CPD formula program grantees of their allocations not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of the Transportation/HUD appropriations act.  This language was included in various versions of the full FY 2011 Transportation/HUD spending bill considered by the House and Senate in 2010, but the provision was not ultimately included in the final FY 2011 year-long CR.  NAHRO will formally recommend to appropriators that the requirement be made a part of the FY 2012 Transportation/HUD appropriations bill.