HUD Issues PIH Notice 2013-4 To Further Help PHAs Reduce Administrative Burdens

Summary:  Prior to HUD’s issuance of PIH Notice 2013-4, PHAs were required by HUD to verify the documentation submitted by households of various sources of income and/or benefits, but PHAs were also required to exclude some or all of these amounts for purposes of determining eligibility and rent calculations.  In another major victory for NAHRO and its members who worked on this issue, HUD recently PIH issued this Notice to help prevent PHAs from having to participate in this “Kafkaesque” process and thereby reduce administrative burdens on PHAs that had no real value.  HUD’s Notice applies to Public Housing, tenant-based voucher, project-based voucher and Mod. Rehab. Programs.

Date of Issuance:  January 28, 2013

View the Notice here.

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