HUD Issues Two Notices to Implement Sec. 8 Voucher Program for FY 2011

Summary: HUD has issued a notice (PIH Notice 2011-27) to implement the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program funding provisions of the Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 (PL 112-10) enacted on April 15, 2011. The 2011 Act establishes the allocation methodology for calculating housing assistance payments (HAP) renewal funds, new incremental vouchers, and administrative fees. 

Date of Publication:  June 2, 2011

View the notice here.

Summary:  HUD has also issued a notice (PIH Notice 2011-28) to extend and revise PIH Notice 2009-44 which provided: (1) guidance on cost-saving measures PHA may take to address financial shortfalls by reducing costs in the HCV program; and (2) information on the circumstances under which a PHA may deny a move under 24 CFR § 982.314(e)(1) or terminate a housing assistance payments (HAP) contract under 24 CFR §982.454 as a result of insufficient funding. 

Date of Publication:  May 27, 2011

View the notice here.

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