HUD Publishes Long Awaited FY 2012 Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) NOFA

HUD recently issued its NOFA for the Performance-Based Contract Administrator Program for the Administration of Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts.  HUD’s estimated expense for the PBCA program is approximately $260 million for FY 2012.    HUD’s NOFA provides applicant information, submission deadlines, funding criteria and other requirements for this Program including the availability of an annual contributions contract (ACC) with a public housing agency (PHA) for each of the 42 States for which an ACC has not previously been awarded, to provide for the administration of project-based Section 8 HAP contracts for Section 8 projects located in the 42 States identified in Appendix A to HUD’s NOFA. 

On Friday, March 16th HUD held a webcast titled “PBCA NOFA Q&A” which is available at: During the webcast the Department announced that HUD revised its application receipt deadline, which is now set for 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, June 11, 2012.  Other changesdiscussed by HUD during the webcast include a technical correction regarding HUD’s PBCA application rating elements and their tie-breaking scoring methodology.  HUD officials also spent considerable amounts of time clarifying aspects of the PBCA NOFA regarding crossing State lines, and in-State applicants.

The ACC includes Exhibit A, section 4 of which includes a detailed treatment of the Administrative Fee. Section 5, “Performance Requirements Summary” (PRS), includes a table that specifies the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for performance of each of the 8 Performance-Based Tasks (PBTs), the Performance-Based Allocation Percentage, the method used to evaluate performance, and the frequency with which HUD will assess and pay the Basic Administrative Fee Earned.

After publication on its website of an Invitation for Submission of Applications on February 25, 2011, HUD awarded an ACC to a PHA for each of the following 11 states: South Dakota, Iowa, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and the United States Virgin Islands. HUD now seeks to award an ACC to a PHA for each of the remaining 42 states through this program NOFA.

More detailed information about the PBCA NOFA is avaiable at:  HUD Publishes Long Awaited FY 2012 Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) NOFA

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