Interim Rule: Public Housing Evaluation and Oversight- PHAS and Determining and Remedying Substantial Default

Publication Date: February 23, 2011

Summary: The changes implemented by this interim rule are intended to enhance the efficiency and utility of HUD’s Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). The interim rule makes 2 sets of amendments to improve evaluation and oversight of the Public Housing Program. First, it amends the PHAS regulations for the purposes of: consolidating the regulations governing assessment of public housing in one part of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); revising certain PHAS regulations based on HUD’s experience with PHAS since it was established as the new system for evaluating a public housing agency (PHA) in 1998; and updating certain PHAS procedures to reflect recent changes in public housing operations from conversion by PHAs to asset management. Second, this interim rule establishes new regulations that specify the actions or inactions by which a PHA can be determined to be in substantial default, the procedures for a PHA to respond to such a determination or finding, and the sanctions available to HUD to address and remedy substantial default by a PHA.

Comment Due Date: April 25, 2011.

View the proposed rule as published in the Federal Register here.