NAHRO Comments on FY 2010 Choice Neighborhoods NOFA

On January 14 NAHRO submitted a comment letter in response to HUD's request that stakeholders offer feedback on the Planning Grants section of the FY 2010 Choice Neighborhoods Round 1 NOFA.  According to an email message, the Department is looking "to improve the Choice Neighborhoods initiative to better meet the needs of housing owners, public housing authorities, and local communities." 

HUD requested comments in the following areas:

  1. Application information: Which sections contain particularly helpful information? Were any sections of the application unclear? If so, why?
  2. Required information: Would you change any of the information requirements?  Should applicants be able to substitute certain information? If so, why and how?
  3. Scoring system: Would you make any improvements to the application scoring system? Would you keep particular sections the same? If so, why?
  4. Other: Is there anything else that you particularly liked about the NOFA? Is there anything else you would improve?

NAHRO members:  We will provide a detailed summary of our comment letter in the January 31 NAHRO Monitor.  For NAHRO's earlier coverage of the Choice Neighborhoods Round 1 NOFA, see our October 24 and November 10 Direct News items. 

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