NAHRO Provides PHAs with Tools to Estimate 2012 Voucher Funding Now

As previously notified by HUD, the Department expects to notify PHAs of their final 2012 Housing Assistance Payment allocations and offsets (if applicable) by mid-February 2012.  Operating voucher programs during the limbo period between January 1st and when PHAs receive their funding allocations and then put their voucher program operations into full gear, has hurt PHAs’ programs in the past.  One of the most important things PHAs can do is to avoid, if at all possible, an unnecessary drop in their voucher leasing between now and when they ultimately receive their final HAP budget authority funding levels from HUD.  To help PHAs continue maximizing their voucher leasing during this limbo period and throughout calendar year 2012, NAHRO is providing our members with

  • a spreadsheet for PHAs that administer HCV (and PBV if applicable) programs only; or
  • a spreadsheet for PHAs that administer HCV (and PBV if applicable) and HUD-VASH programs.

Both spreadsheets are modeled on the spreadsheet(s) HUD sent to PHAs in the last two weeks, with some additional formula-driven cells to help agencies estimate their 2012 HAP budget authority and NRA offset.  Our intent is to help PHAs estimate their funding for 2012 now, and to continue their voucher program operations accordingly, rather than having to wait to receive HUD’s final funding notices in mid-February 2012. 

To use the spreadsheet, agencies simply copy and paste their spreadsheet(s) from HUD where instructed to do so, and then have just a few data entries to complete before seeing estimated formula-driven funding amounts for 2012. 

NAHRO’s previous DirectNews article titled, “HUD’s NRA Calculations in 2011 and NRA Offset Plans in 2012” provides PHAs with step-by-step instructions on how to exempt certain HAP and NRA funding from their NRA amounts as of 12/31/11, in the same manner as HUD will exempt that funding in their final 2012 funding notices to PHAs in mid-February 2012.

PHAs with Family Unification Program (FUP), 1-Year Mainstream, and/or Non-Elderly Disabled voucher programs in addition to their HCV (and PBV if applicable) program, that would like make these type of calculations are encouraged to contact us via e-mail at: with their spreadsheets from HUD so that we may be of assistance to them.

PHAAnalysisof2012HAPandNRAforHVCprogram.xls67.5 KB
PHAAnalysisof2012HAPandNRAforHVCandHUDVASHprograms.xls74.5 KB