PHAs Share Voucher Household Caseload Sizes and Tasks

With drastic reductions in ongoing administrative fees, PHAs are challenged with both meeting voucher program requirements and budgeting operations.   Even PHAs with best practices are working through the challenges of operating voucher programs successfully in this funding environment.  On behalf of one of our PHA agency members, NAHRO sent a list of questions to our members signed up to NAHRO’s NetworkCentral – Section 8

1.       How many total vouchers does your agency administer, how many square miles is within your agency’s service area, and what is the total population within your service area? 

2.       What is your case load per Housing Specialist / Caseworker?   Is it too high and what would you consider optimum?  

3.       Do your FSS coordinators complete program activity (certifications and recertifications? 

4.       Are you doing interims re-exams for increases in household income? 

5.       Do you have Housing Specialist / Caseworker complete recertifications in the units for elderly or disabled households, and HQS Inspections? 

NAHRO catalogued agency members’ answers to the five questions posed, and grouped them in ascending order by PHAs’ voucher program size.  A copy of PHAs’ responses to these questions is available at: 

We would like to thank all of the PHAs that replied to this list of questions.

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