PIH 2011-24: Capital Fund Program Awards

Summary:  This Notice provides public housing agencies (PHAs) and HUD Field Office staff with an overview of the Capital Fund Program awards process including the Capital Fund Program formula grant and, where applicable, the Replacement Housing Factor (RHF) grants(s). The Notice identifies general requirements for all PHAs as well as, specific requirements for qualified and non-qualified PHAs. The HUD PIH website for the Capital Fund Program is located at:


It is recommended that this website be bookmarked for future reference. The following items will be posted to the HUD PIH website when HUD is ready to distribute the annual Capital Fund Program awards:

  • a listing of PHAs that received High Performer ratings
  • a map identifying the Capital Fund Program grants;
  • specific processing guidance;
  • a timeline of key processing dates.

The Department will send each PHA an email (based on the addresses in the PIC system) with a link to the website when the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) Amendments are available on the website. PHAs are responsible for maintaining the correct contact information for the PHA including the correct email address in PIC.


Publication Date:  May 10, 2011
Expiration Date: May 31, 2012
Cross Reference: PIH 2009-33 (HA)

View the notice here.

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