Quick Updates: 2011 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, PHA Developer Fees under NSP, and the SAFE Act

Busy week here at NAHRO headquarters as we prepare for our 2011 Legislative Conference.  If you haven't seen our 2011 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda yet, check it out.

Along with my counterparts from other community development industry groups, I attended a meeting yesterday at HUD headquarters with senior Community Planning and Development officials.  I'll provide a more detailed report at a later date but wanted to provide two quick takeaways. 

First, you may recall that NAHRO and our partners sent a letter to Secretary Donovan in December regarding HUD's determination that PHAs and Redevelopment Authorities may not act as developers under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  Our letter requested that the Secretary exercise the waiver authority provided for under both the Recovery Act and the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 in order to place PHAs and Redevelopment Authorities on equal footing with for-profit and private nonprofit developers.

During yesterday's meeting, I was told to expect a response soon.  I was also told that NAHRO will most likely not like the response we receive, which I take to mean that our request will be denied.  However, CPD officials assured me that the Department will make an effort to present workable solutions to at least some of the concerns raised in the letter.  Stay tuned. 

Senior CPD officials also informed those in attendance yesterday that concerns raised by state and local housing and community development agencies and PHAs regarding the SAFE Act will be resolved in a satisfactory manner.  It now appears likely that PHAs and state and local CD agencies will be exempted from the more onerous SAFE Act requirements, but nothing is set in stone until we see the final rule.