Section 8 in the FY 2012 Budget, H.R. 1, and CDBG

We have now posted our comprehensive overview of the FY 2012 budget proposal's treatment of Section 8 programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher program and Project-based Rental Assistance.  Our overview also looks at how Section 8 programs fare under H.R. 1, the Republican-crafted long-term Continuing Resolution for FY 2011 that is still under consideration on the House floor. 

Later today we'll send out our summary of the budget's treatment of community development and affordable housing programs.  That overview will cover, among other topics, CDBG, HOME, homeless assistance grants, and proposed improvements to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. As I mentioned yesterday, we'll conclude our week-long coverage of the FY 2012 budget tomorrow with the release of NAHRO’s FY 2012 funding recommendations for housing and community development programs.    

A couple of quick notes related to CDBG:  As you've probably head by now, H.R. 1 as introduced would cut CDBG formula funding by approximately 62 percent compared to FY 2010, and there are rumblings of amendments that would reduce CDBG formula funding further.  Looking ahead to the next fiscal year, the President's budget would reduce CDBG formula funding by 7.5 percent compared to the FY 2010 enacted level.

NAHRO is working closely with our community development industry partners to make the case for maintaining CDBG formula funding at the FY 2010 level (approximately $4 billion).  NAHRO and a long list of organizations representing community development practitioners and local elected officials will meet today with the Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development to review the most up-to-date CDBG accomplishment data available.  Having access to this data will be helpful as we advocate full funding for CDBG for FY 2011, FY 2012, and beyond.  We'll keep you posted on this effort.