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The House Republican budget plan's treatment of housing

With the FY 2011 appropriations process still unresolved (and a shutdown looking increasingly likely), House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has been making the rounds in support of a Republican budget roadmap for FY 2012 and beyond.  Chairman Ryan argues that his budget resolution - titled "The Path to Prosperity: Restoring America’s Promise" - "tackles the existential threat posed by rapidly growing government and debt, applying the nat

Quick Updates: 2011 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, PHA Developer Fees under NSP, and the SAFE Act

Busy week here at NAHRO headquarters as we prepare for our 2011 Legislative Conference.  If you haven't seen our 2011 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda yet, check it out.

Along with my counterparts from other community development industry groups, I attended a meeting yesterday at HUD headquarters with senior Community Planning and Development officials.  I'll provide a more detailed report at a later date but wanted to provide two quick takeaways. 

HUD Explains Third Operating Fund Distribution

The Department has obligated additional funding for Operating Fund subsidies for the month of April 2011.  HUD's explanation can be found here.  This funding is expected to be available in eLOCCS before April 1, 2011.

HUD Meeting on Operating Reserves

NAHRO staff, along with our industry partners, met yesterday with PIH Assistant Secretary Sandra Henriquez and nearly every member of PIH's senior leadership team to discuss issues related to the Department's proposal to imposed a $1 billion offset against public housing operating reserves for 2012.  The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the Assistant Secretary's assertion, communicated through a February 22 letter to all PHA executive directors, that "Operating Reserve balances may only be used for Operating Fund

Upcoming CPD Web Seminars

Passing along information regarding a few upcoming CPD web seminars aimed at CDBG grantees:

Small PHAs: Capital Improvements Using Operating Subsidy

Note: See update at the bottom of this post.

Consider this a quick follow-up to last Thursday's Direct News item summarizing the administration's proposal to offset PHAs' operating reserves for 2012. 

The Administration's Operating Reserves Offset Proposal

NAHRO's comprehensive rundown of the administration's proposal to impose a $1 billion offset against PHAs' operating reserves for 2012 is now available online.  A few highlights, including our request for assistance: 

NAHRO's FY 2012 Funding Recommendations

NAHRO's FY 2012 funding recommendations are now online at at  You may also directly access the PDF version of the chart by clicking here

NAHRO members are encouraged to review our Direct News item explaining each recommendation in detail. 

Home Stretch

It's Day 5 of our week-long, wall-to-wall coverage of the President's FY 2012 budget.  Late yesterday we distributed our detailed summary of the proposal's treatment of community development and affordable housing programs, including CDBG, HOME, Homeless Assistance Grants, and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.  Our summaries covering public housing and S

Section 8 in the FY 2012 Budget, H.R. 1, and CDBG

We have now posted our comprehensive overview of the FY 2012 budget proposal's treatment of Section 8 programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher program and Project-based Rental Assistance.  Our overview also looks at how Section 8 programs fare under H.R. 1, the Republican-crafted long-term Continuing Resolution for FY 2011 that is still under consideration on the House floor.