Section 8 Management Assessment Program

Update from Washington

The latest edition of the MONITOR is available for NAHRO members online. Be sure to read NAHRO’s Survey and Analysis: State-by-State Effects of 62 and 83 Percent Pro-rations in HCV Administrative Fees on Vouchers Households Leased; HUD Begins Implementing Offset; and, Proposed Rule: Provision to the Section 8 Management Assessment Program Lease-Up Indicator.

Recently, NAHRO members discovered errors in a pre-populated data provided in HUD-52723.

Proposed Rule: Revision to the Section 8 Management Assessment Program Lease-Up Indicator

Summary: HUD’s proposed rule wouldamend HUD’s regulations for theSection 8 Management Assessmentprogram (SEMAP) to revise the process by which HUD measures and verifies performance under the SEMAP lease-up indicator. Specifically, HUD proposes to amend the existing regulation to reflect that assessment of a public housingagency’s (PHA) leasing indicator will be based on a calendar year cycle, rather than a fiscal year cycle, which would increase administrative efficiencies for PHAs.