Certified Specialist of Occupancy (CSO-PH)

Certification Type: 
Specialist Certification

By achieving NAHRO’s Certified Specialist of Occupancy (CSO-PH) designation, an individual has demonstrated that he/she has the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to understand the tasks and processes associated with the public housing occupancy cycle.  He/she can implement policies and procedures including effective interviewing and screening, maintaining waitlists, evaluating eligibility and income, calculating rents and utility allowances accurately, and is knowledgeable about lease and grievance procedures. This individual understands the importance of and agrees to adhere to the highest standard of professional conduct.

Certification is achieved by completing the requirements for:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Passing Exams
Certification Requirements: 

LESS Than Five Years' Experience in the Housing & Redevelopment Industry

MORE Than Five Years' Experience in the Housing & Redevelopment Industry

1. Successful Completion of the following seminars:

1. Successfully Passed the following Exams:

and completed

2. Completion of Certification Application 2. Completion of Certification Application

* It is possible to take a combined Public Housing Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation Seminar + Exam to fulfill these requirements.

Application form: 

0.5 CEUs required every 3 years from date of certification

CLICK HERE for recertification information and application.

Contact Information: 

For further information regarding NAHRO Certification, contact:


or Blake Pavlik , Director, NAHRO Certification, at bpavlik@nahro.org or 877-866-2476 ext. 6261