Featured Speakers

Kathryn Finney
Over the past ten years, Kathryn Finney has made her mark as a tech entrepreneur, social media visionary, investor, writer, and television correspondent. Kathryn is the founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided (DID), a social enterprise that fosters economic growth in communities by finding, training, and supporting women of color entrepreneurs. As one of the most respected voices in national conversations on innovation and tech, Kathryn is sought for her insightful and incisive perspectives on building online communities, bringing innovation to emerging communities, and the intersectionality of race and gender in the tech space.

Owing to her unique background as a Yale educated epidemiologist, Kathryn distinguishes herself as a talented storyteller.  She effortlessly weaves her trademark Midwestern wit, refreshing candor, and compelling authenticity into every talk.  At once entertaining and on-point, Kathryn’s empowering, solutions-oriented approach to presentations will leave the audience energized and inspired to take clear, concrete actions in their own communities. In doing so, she invites everyone to embody her favorite words from Marianne Williamson, “When you let your light shine, you give others permission to shine as well”.

Rocky Bleier
War veteran, national collegiate football champion, and four-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Rocky Bleier’s life story - a gripping tale of courage on both the football fields of America and the battle fields of Vietnam – has held audiences in rapt attention for years. Yet, the motivational message behind it, detailing how ordinary people can become extraordinary achievers, defines success in the new American century.
With the same optimism, sense of humor and steadfast determination that were his trademarks as a Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Rocky Bleier takes audiences from his early years through his professional career and talks about the lessons he learned along the way….lessons that we all can benefit from.