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Zogby Poll

Annually, NAHRO commissions the leading polling firm, Zogby, to conduct a poll concerning housing issues. Some details are provided below. For more information, please contact John Bohm or Emily Pasi.

2011 Zogby Poll Results

The poll results for 2011 showed that safe, affordable housing is a high priority for Americans and with almost half of the respondants answering that they have been affected by the economic conditions in the U.S. A disturbing, but not altogether surprising, figure of 42% of respondants have either lost their home or required some sort of housing assistance due to a change in economic housing needs which showed the magnitude of scope of the housing crisis within the country.

2010 Zogby Poll

The 2010 poll focused around housing in relation to the election. Highlights from the poll include: 86 percent of Americans believe the provision of affordable housing is an issue of high priority in their community; nearly 25 percent cite having a decent affordable place to live as their top priority. The poll also indicated that two-thirds of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track when it comes to providing a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family; however, only half of the respondents indicated that the issue was important when choosing a candidate to vote for this election cycle.