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The International Committee collects and disseminates information on housing and community development in foreign countries. The committee identifies innovative programs, development techniques, and management systems that may be usable in the United States. The committee also shares information on American programs with its foreign counterparts. The committee encourages local housing and community development personnel to participate in international meetings, including official delegations organized by federal agencies, and it arranges informational exchanges with professionals in other countries. After receiving recommendations from regional presidents on appointments to the International Committee, the national president appoints members to the committee for two-year terms.

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The John D. Lange International Award

Word Perspectives on RAD

Read IRGE's white paper on "Policy Suggestions for the Future of Public Housing based on Canada, the UK and the Netherlands."

UN-HABITAT Launches the World Urban Campaign

The World Urban Campaign is an opportunity for NAHRO members to share "living practices" and learn from practitioners around the world. UN-HABITAT launched the World Urban Campaign at the 2010 fifth Forum held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 26, 2010. The campaign seeks to continue and build upon the success of the World Urban Forum, in creating a global platform to address pressing urban issues. The campaign seeks to engage public, private and civil society partners to share practical tools and promote policies for sustainable urbanization; it also seeks to position sustainable urbanization as a priority issue.

The campaign will make extensive use the Internet to build a network of partners and serve as a global platform for collaboration on urban issues. The launch video for the World Urban Campaign was recently posted on YouTube, and a page on the UN-HABITAT website provides general information about the Campaign and background documents. The campaign's "e-forum" will provide an online platform for local partners to share information on new projects and ideas, knowledge and experience.

The first common effort of the World Urban Campaign is the 100 Cities Initiative, which will highlight and celebrate innovations that make cities more sustainable by sharing local stories and outcomes. The initiative will culminate in a planned 100 Cities Summit in 2011.

To learn more about the World Urban Campaign, visit:

To learn more about the 100 Cities Initiative, or to register


NAHRO International Partners

Australasian Housing Institute (AHI)

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA)

Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)

CHF International

INTA (The International Urban Development Association)

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing

Southern African Housing Foundation (SAHF)

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements

Other Organizations of Interest

Habitat for Humanity International

International Federation for Housing and Planning

Rotary International

United Nations: Economic and Social Affairs

International Volunteer Opportunities

International Volunteer Programs AssociationThe International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) is an association of non-governmental organizations involved in international volunteer work and internship exchanges.

Service Civil International USA BranchService Civil International (SCI), is a worldwide voluntary service organization and peace movement. SCI is a network of autonomous branches and non-profit partner organizations worldwide, focusing on both international and regional development. Within this network, SCI – IVS is the recognized US branch of Service Civil International.

United Nations VolunteersThe United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide.

Voluntary Service OverseasVSO is the world’s leading independent, international development charity that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries.

Volunteer is committed to providing the most comprehensive international education and alternative travel databases. utilizes data driven programming to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information. In addition to some of the largest directories of their kind on the internet, provides extensive additional information within its dynamically constructed travel guides, currency converter, and embassy directories.

Idealist - Actions Without BordersIdealist is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

Microlending Info/Opportunities


International Publications

HousingWORKS (December 2016)

Housing First: Transforming A Philosophy to Practice in Fort Collins, Colorado (October 2016)

NAHRO Attends the International Urban Development Association Conference (January 2011)

Learning and Sharing in Israel (May 2010)

NAHRO at the World Urban Forum (July 2010)

Affordable Housing in Mexico: A NAHRO Study Exchange (November 2009)

A Panelist's Experience in Gdansk, Poland (May 2008)

International Outlook: Addressing Housing for Public Service Employees (September 2007)

Housing Across the World: A Delegation from Israel Visits the U.S. (December 2006)

Commitment to Communities: A Housing and Community Development Tour of the Netherlands (July 2006)

NAHRO in China: A Delegate's Journey (March 2006)

Greetings from Israel (September 2005)

International Conferences

CHRA Events

CIH Events

INTA Events (see calendar on left side of page)

NAHRO Exchanges

Australia and New Zealand (November 29 - December 9, 2017)

Netherlands-Germany:  August 25-Sept. 4, 2015

South Africa, 2011

Mexico, July 2009

Israel, May 2009

Poland, Mary 2008

Netherlands, March 2006

China, September 2005

Israel, April 2005


This debate about homelessness and access to the city by disadvantaged people is a joint initiative by NAHRO and INTA. The purpose is to compare the scale and the nature of homelessness across American and European cities, and to exchange on the ways and means of dealing with the issue.


Promotional Video of NAHRO's Housing Study Tour, prepared by the South African Housing Federation.

 at the 2018 NAHRO National Conference and Exhbition, Atlanta, GA. 

IRGE Committee Members Tina Akers Brown and Steve Vadnais welcome
NAHRO President and International guest Gerrit Teunis from The Netherlands to IRGE's Booth


Saeed Hajarizadeh, IRGE Chair and Sylvia Gimenez, Director, Communications discuss IRGE article.


IRGE Committee members, Dr. Scheheradaze Perkins, Kim Taylor and Irma Gorham.



IRGE Committee members, Gary Keller, Branna Lindell and Pat Gustafson review materials
at the IRGE booth.


IRGE Committee members Laurie Putscher and Stephen Vadnais.


Past President Apolonio "NoNo" Flores and NAHRO CEO Adrianne Todman visit 
IRGE Committee member, Dr. Scheherazade Perkins at the IRGE booth.



IRGE Committee members Tina Akers Brown and Stephen Vadnais assist delegate at the IRGE booth.