Professional Assistance Intern Program

This Professional Development initiative provides expert support services and visibility to assist PHAs in implementing a two-year internship program. It includes:

  • Recruitment Assistance - NAHRO identifies up to three viable candidates from colleges of the PHA’s choice, or assists with recruitment from within the agency.
  • Mentoring Assistance - NAHRO conducts mentoring through monthly calls for all interns and separately for the interns’ supervisors. As the two years unfold, these calls will include special guest speakers (seasoned professionals and experts) for mentoring and vision.
  • Additional Mentoring Advice - NAHRO sponsors individual intern quarterly and/or semi-annual calls with one of NAHRO’s Senior Fellows.
  • Four Distance Learning Training Sessions - NAHRO plans to conduct distance learning training sessions for all interns, focused on 21st century professional topics, including strategic planning and leadership, metrics and customer service.
  • Housing Professional Training and Certification  - NAHRO encourages education for skill and career development. Participating PHAs are provided with deep discounts for their intern’s tuition to attend NAHRO’s NPDS seminars, thus easing the way for interns to work toward a certification of choice.
  • Networking at NAHRO Professional Meetings - NAHRO will seek discounts for attendance for at least one NAHRO session to further enhance the experience of “professionalism” within the affordable housing industry.
  • Publicity - NAHRO will supply two press releases for each PHA, to increase visibility, as well as to promote and access additional funding.
  • Tracking - NAHRO will track the program. PHAs will have access to this information.

For more information please contact the NAHRO Professional Development team at (877) 866-2476 or