Jamie Bordenave Recieves the 2016 John D. Lange International Award

Jamie Bordenave named the 2016 recipient of the John D. Lange International Award from NAHRO Washington, D.C. (November 8, 2016) - Jamie Bordenave was named the 2016 recipient of the John D. Lange International Award from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Official’s (NAHRO) on October 15 at the National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, La.

Bordenave is founder and CEO of The Communities Group (TCG) which is a professional consulting firm that specializes in the delivery of housing and urban development-related training and technical assistance services through four subsidies: TCG Consultants, TCG Development Services, TCG International, and TCG Technologies, LLC. The Group serves as instructor, designer, monetary arranger, and IT facilitator of programs that have benefited low-to moderate-income individuals and families globally.

“Jamie and TCG International has provided NAHRO with necessary consulting to improve housing and community development to NAHRO constituents in the U.S and abroad,” said Steve Merritt, NAHRO President. “With his profound work abroad we are able to learn from his triumphs and provide information to our membership that will lead to more safe and effective affordable housing.”

Regarding international work, TCG International provides consultative services to clients in the U.S. and abroad for urban planning, project development, financial organizing, institutional improvement, and policy restructuring.

TCG International has supported many projects for the world’s most underprivileged people. Some of the projects being, Planning Reconstruction of Bhuj, Gujurat, India; Philippines Water Revolving Fund (WRF); Environmental Cooperation-Asia (Eco-Asia); Good Urban Governance in South Asia (GUGSA); and Media Lending in Armenia-USAID Core Media Support Program.

Bordenave has worked and helped to improve the lives of people in the U.S. as well as Central America, Mexico, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. His field of expertise include: housing finance and development; property management; software applications development; affordable homeownership; cooperative organizations; and urban revitalization all of which he served as a trainer in these areas; writing many articles, studies, and several books.

Jamie Bordenave’s 40-year career continues to make advances in the international housing arena.


About the Lange Award

The award was established in 1983 in the name of John D. Lange, Executive Director of NAHRO from 1951 to 1970, who actively participated throughout his professional career in international exchange and, in his retirement, carried out executive service assignments in Argentina, Indonesia, and the Philippines.



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