March 2014 HCD News Clips

March 31, 2014

World News

Singapore: 3,497 new flats in latest HDB launch

Canada:  Saint John’s housing development still not rebuilt

Non-National News

Bangor, Maine: Maine housing authorities pushing for restored Section 8 vouchers to stem spike in homelessness

El Paso, Texas: HACEP awards Hunt $100M contract

Pennsauken, N.J.: Affordable housing to rise in Pennsauken

Aurora, Ill.: Aurora Housing Authority partner buys 18 homes for scatted-site affordable housing development

Oklahoma City, Okla.: Oklahoma City police's new homeless outreach team represents a new approach to homelessness

New York, N.Y.: Harlem Housing Relic From the 1800s Is Set for a Long-Promised Overhaul

Boston, Mass.: Mayor launches task force to tackle lack of affordable housing

March 26, 2014

World News

Canada: Social housing to receive renovations

National News

The Most and Least Healthy Counties in America

Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word

America's thorny affordable housing crisis

Non-National News

Birmingham, Ala.: Program to provide free plumbing for homeowners with water leaks, Commissioner Brown says

San Jose, Calif.: Housing Authority makes moves to ease cut in federal Section 8 voucher program

New Orleans, La.: Feds give good grade to Jefferson Parish Housing Authority as board turnover continues

Portland, Ore.: $20 million plan for affordable housing to battle gentrification in North/Northeast Portland extends beyond five years

New York, N.Y.: De Blasio: ‘Miscommunication’ on Homelessness With Cuomo

Galesburg, Ill.: Some residents to see flat rent increase

March 25, 2014

World News

Russia: Government Pushes For Affordable Housing

National News

50 Years Later, Housing Programs' Reach Is Limited/

How many hours must minimum-wage earners work to afford rent?

Non-National News

Keene, N.H.: Keene agency looking to build more senior housing

Toledo, Ohio: Neighborhoods Dept. wins in fund proposals

Lexington, N.C.: Lexington Housing Authority seeks $11 million in revenue bonds

Boston, Mass.: Gov. Patrick: $25M for 335 new Mass. housing units

Ocean City, N.J.: HUD to mull Ocean City request for $1.2 million repayment

Washington, D.C.: Judge orders D.C. to vacate makeshift shelters for homeless families

Memphis, Tenn.: Heritage Trail Likely to Continue Despite Rejection

March 6, 2014

World News

Canada: VIDEO: Banner putting names to female homelessness

Australia: Harbour public housing at Millers Point to reap millions as state government moves to sell-off

Non-National News

Portland, Ore.: Home Forward plans to give low-income renters more money to find housing: Portland City Hall Roundup

West Milford Twp., N.J.: West Milford officials apply for grant to pave Belleau and Vine

San Francisco, Calif.: How One Man Went From Being Homeless To Owning A Small Business

New York, N.Y.: Affordable Housing Supporters Demand Change in City Zoning Regulation

Asheville, N.C.: Police effort in public housing paying off

McAllen, Texas: HUD awards $2 million to boost job growth and business opportunities along U.S.-Mexico border

Harrisburg, Pa.: PA Human Relations Commission Receives $227,000 HUD Grant to Promote Fair Housing in Southeast and Central PA

March 5, 2014

HUD/Administration News

HUD releases proposed FY2015 budget

HUD announces funding to provide permanent housing and services to low-income people with disabilities

World News

Scotland: Affordable housing starts down by a third in Scotland

National News

White House wants $1 billion put in affordable housing fund,0,3665538.story

Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study

Non-National News

St. Paul, Minn.: Oak Grove Gets $17.9M for Aff. Housing

Providence, R.I.: Council overrides Taveras’s affordable housing veto

Fort Worth, Texas: Forth Worth Housing Authority switches to private management

New Bern, N.C.: HUD grant will pay for ‘implementation plan’

New Orleans, La.: New Orleans Projects Get a Lift

Ocean City, N.J.: Ocean City fight over money for rebuilding public housing

New York, N.Y.: Editorial: Setting Up a Better Domino Plan