NAHRO and NeighborWorks America: Standing Side-by-Side Creating a Better Tomorrow

NAHRO and NeighborWorks America:

Standing Side-By-Side Creating A Better Tomorrow

NeighborWorks America is dedicated to creating opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. Providing the  highest-quality and most relevant training to assisted and affordable housing professionals is the foundation of successfully housing America. NAHRO shares in NeighborWorks America's passion to empower practitioners through comprehensive curriculum, resources and tools. We at NAHRO are excited to partner with NeighborWorks America now and moving forward to bring members and industry professionals alike continuing education that will assist in creating a better tomorrow for low- to moderate-income communities.

Explore the certification and just-in-time training opportunities available to you below:

NAHRO and NeighborWorks America are excited to announce the launch of our very first joint certification designed specifically for community development and revitalization professionals.  Demonstrate your years of experience and expertise,  professionalism, leadership and foundation in ethical practices by earning your CCRDP Certification. Watch the video above featuring NAHRO CEO, Saul Ramirez, Jr., and NeighborWorks America CEO, Eileen Fitzgerald, to find out why this certification is so essential to the industry!

For the full list of required core courses and available electives, visit the NAHRO Certification page.

Core courses required to earn the NAHRO-NW Certified Community Revitalization and Development Professional Certification:

High Performance Management

Ethics for Operations Managers

ED 101: Community Economic Development Principles, Practices and Strategies (NW Course)

NR 104: Getting Things Done in Neighborhoods Through Strategic Collaborations (NW Course)

ED110: Analytic Tools and Methods Used in Community Economic Development (NW Course)

ED160: Financing Community Economic Development (NW Course)

NR 261: Strategies for More Livable Neighborhoods (NW Course)

  • Fulfilling Our Promise to Bring the Highest-Quality Education to Our Members

Being a NAHRO member comes with more than just a few benefits. One of the major perks includes eligibility to register for any of the four national NeighborWorks America Training Institutes at a greatly reduced price. $445 buys you a full week of intensive courses, extensive networking and unparalleled best-practice sharing.

Visit the NeighborWorks page to see the full catalogue of courses offered at a NeighborWorks Training Institute. Certain NAHRO Professional Development System (NPDS) seminars are offered at NeighborWorks Training Institutes, so be sure to watch for those offerings. We encourage you to contact Sharon Sherrill, Director of NAHRO Professional Development, for a registration form for this very special offer. Reduced registration slots go very quickly! Don't miss out on your opportunity to save your spot today!

  • Community Leadership Institutes (CLI)--Rising Above the Challenges

NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institutes (CLI) aim to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident and volunteer leaders from coast to coast. The week-long training event challenges participants to become grassroots leaders and spur positive changes while creating thriving neighborhoods. At the CLI, participants have an opportunity to select from a variety of workshops, learning labs, presentations and interactive group discussions. With their new insights fresh in mind, each team, representing a local organization, works together to develop action plans that align with their organization’s strategic direction.

In recent years, NAHRO members including the Peoria and Chattanooga Housing Authorities participated in the rigorous Community Leadership Institutes. To learn about each respective agency's personal experiences, read the Spring 2013 edition of NAHRO's Journal of Housing and Community Development.

  • Achieving Excellence in Community Development Program

A performance driven executive development training, Achieving Excellence is designed for seasoned community development leaders and their organizations. Through their collaboration with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and renowned organizational performance and learning expert, Douglas K. Smith, participants  pinpoint an issue that affects their organization and create a specific plan to improve performance levels in that area. The 18-month program provides the forum, the challenge, the tools, the space and the opportunity for participants to lead their organizations to a higher level of effectiveness and sustainability.

NAHRO members have also enjoyed the perks of the NAHRO-NW partnership by participating in the Achieving Excellence program. To learn more about our members' rewarding and unique experiences derived through the NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence in Community Development, read the Spring 2013 edition of NAHRO's Journal of Housing and Community Development.

Be sure to check back for the latest from NAHRO and NeighborWorks America. We look forward to building communities together and working together for stronger communities.