NAHRO and TransitionGuides: Preparing for Tomorrow and Beyond

The future seems like an elusive concept, but it is definite and always coming. How does your agency maintain and ensure its growth? What long term plans does your agency have in place for selecting the next generation of management? These are questions a housing authority must ask itself when determining how best to manage sustainability and preparation for the future. We understand that often times these decisions can be overwhelming. To ease your agency into the process, NAHRO and TransitionGuides have collaborated together to create our Sustainability and Growth Portfolio.

The Sustainability and Growth Portfolio is unique in that it offers a diverse range of seminars for agencies of varying sizes, specific needs and at different levels in the sustainability and succession processes. It also offers seminars at varying price points. One price does not fit all. We encourage our members to pick and choose from among the long list of NAHRO and TransitionGuides seminars. 

Sustainability and Growth Portfolio

NAHRO Products & Services:

TransitionGuides Courses:

  • Succession Essentials
  • Executive Transition and Search Planning
  • Senior Executive Search
  • TransitionGuides Next Step workshop

1. Succession EssentialsThis service puts in place best practices to ensure agency readiness for unplanned or planned change in executive director/CEO or other key executives. This service advance emergency preparedness, risk management and leader development. Being unprepared for a leadership change is disruptive and costly to an agency. This modest investment of time and $ prevents enormous losses when leadership change comes without any prior preparation. Achieving this readiness is simple and takes less than 3 hours of executive and Board time to accomplish. TransitionGuides, NAHRO’s lead partner on its Leadership Continuity Initiative, has perfected a simple system for developing an emergency backup plan for the executive director and up to two other key executives and a succession policy to guide planned transitions through discussions with the executive director and Board Chair.

Available via Skype or Conference Call.


          The process for completing emergency backup plans and a succession policy includes:

  • Orientation calls with executive director, other involved executives and the Board Chair
  • Completion of emergency backup planning worksheets by executive director and up to two other managers followed by an unpacking the job call with TransitionGuides to review and finalize plans
  • Document review call held with executive to review emergency backup plans
  • One to two calls with executive director and Board Chair to develop and review succession policy to guide planned executive transitions with board participation as agreed.


  • Written Emergency Backup Plan with cross-training plan for executive director/CEO and up to two other executive positions
  • Written succession policy for board review and action

2. Executive Transition and Search Planning  - This service offers agency Board’s and where appropriate their executive director/CEO assistance in developing a best practice approach to executive/CEO transition. Executive/CEO transitions are unavoidable; they happen to every agency, sometimes in a planned way and at other times unexpected or tied to an organizational challenge or crisis. While there is a normal strong urge to fill the executive position quickly, experience and research demonstrate that acting too quickly is a mistake. The Executive Transition and Search Service provides Board leaders a planning partner with extensive experience in executive transition and housing and community development. In a few calls, a thoughtful planned approach to executive transition and search is finalized which increases the likelihood of a successful transition and search. This service is provided by TransitionGuides, the national thought leader in executive transition and search and a leading provider of these consulting services.

Available via Skype or Conference Call.


         The process for completing  an Executive Transition and Seacrh Plan includes:

  • orientation calls with Board Chair and Transition and Search Committee Chair and Committee to review situation, plan interviews and explore interest in a Board/staff survey (If positive ending with executive director,  executive may be involved.)
  • Review of key organizational documents by TransitionGuides (strategic plan, bylaws, organizational chart, YTD financial report and budget and most recent audit)
  • Phone interviews by consultant with 3 Board members and 3 executive staff to understand  transition and search situation
  • 2 conference calls with Board Transition and Search Committee
  • Call 1 – review result of document review and interviews (and survey if included) and first draft of transition and search plan
  • Call 2 – review search collaterals (position announcement and ad)  and plan for launch of search.


  • Written Transition and Search Plan and Detailed Timeline
  • Written position announcement and add

4. Senior Executive Search –Similar to CEO Transition and Search above with client the hiring executive director instead of Board.

5. TransitionGuides Next Steps workshop –  For Executives and CEO’s only


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