NAHRO CEO’s Statement on UPCS Protocol Changes


“A shorter inspection notice is not the only indicator of whether units are decent and healthy. Another, more accurate indicator is the level of funding available for timely repairs. For over a decade, the federal government — after acknowledging a multi-billion dollar capital backlog that grows each year — has actively and vocally disinvested in public housing. And now, on the heels of that disinvestment, it seeks to discover the condition of units." 

“If we are to ‘stay true to the promise of providing housing that’s decent, safe and healthy,’ as the Secretary suggests, perhaps HUD will rediscover its responsibility as the primary funder of decent, safe and healthy units, and also its role in defining a sustainable national housing strategy. Neglecting the federal government’s culpability in the poor condition of some public housing sites is disingenuous.  Families in these communities need ALL hands on deck, and not just, as our 26th President might say, the dusty hands of those in the arena.”


The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) is the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong, viable communities for all Americans—particularly those with low- and moderate-incomes. Our members administer HUD programs such as Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, CDBG and HOME.