NAHRO Identifies Pre-populated Data Errors on HUD-52723


In recent weeks, some NAHRO members have identified errors in the pre-populated data provided in the HUD-52723.  After additional research and consultation with HUD, NAHRO has learned the cause of these errors.  To compile the data for the 52723, HUD extracts information about unit months from IMS/PIC for the period of July 1 to June 30 of the preceding year.  This data is then matched up with an extract reflecting each PHA’s unit inventory.  Rather than using updated inventory, HUD used the same information as was used for the 2011 subsidy processing.  As a result, any changes to unit inventory will not be reflected, and the associated unit months data will not be included in the pre-populated 52723.  Changes in inventory could result from demolition/disposition, regrouping of AMPs, new units coming online, reclassification or existing units, etc.  NAHRO encourages all PHAs to closely examine the data contained in their 52723s to ensure accuracy.  If the pre-populated data is incorrect, PHAs have the ability to edit it this year, though variations from the previous year exceeding 3 percent will require a comment.  For 2013, HUD intends to provide PHAs with their data before it is populated into the forms.  Once the forms are released, only the field office will be able to edit this data. 
For more information or questions, please contact Tamar Greenspan at
Oct 31 2011
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