NAHRO Needs Your Help to Study Potential Conversion Costs

NAHRO is working with industry partners PHADA and CLPHA on a study to model the potential costs of converting public housing to project-based Section 8 contracts.  The study is being funded through the Housing Authority Insurance Group, and is being conducted by Recap Advisors.  In order to complete the study, NAHRO is requesting that members complete a brief data collection tool and submit it directly to the project coordinator at Recap

The data collection tool is in Excel format and can be accessed here.

[Note: If a box asking for permission to open in Excel does not appear when you click on the link, you will need to first save the file to your computer.  To do this, right click on the link and select "Save As" from the menu that appears.  Select the location on your system where you would like the file to be saved.]

The data collection instrument will be used in a portfolio-level analysis to evaluate the cost and feasibility of conversion from existing public housing ACC subsidy to project-based rental assistance. The instrument was designed to be filled out easily and consistently by all users. As you will see, yellow cells are input cells (cells to be filled out by you) and the rest are reserved for use by the data analysis team. Please enter the requested data in the input cells to the best of your ability. Also included in the Instrument are text boxes where users can describe various aspects of the property/AMP. The more information you can give us the better our analysis will be so please don’t hesitate to write as much as possible. Although we expect that you will have the majority of the requested information available to you, we understand that some will not be. If, for example, your PNA does not break out “Accessibility Improvements” from the other categories, simply leave that line item blank. If you have any questions regarding the Instrument, please direct all questions to either Brian Blue or Luke Fallon at Recap Real Estate Advisors (see contact information below). Once you have completed the form(s), please send it directly to the Recap team. 

Luke Fallon, Associate Analyst

T:617.338.9484  |  Ext. 5914


Brian R. Blue, Senior Asset Manager

T: 617.338..9484 Ext. 5940 (Boston)

T: 212.653.8836 (New York)

C: 617.646..9112



38 Chauncy Street| Boston, MA 02111