NAHRO Monitor

The NAHRO Monitor is a twice-monthly update of what's happening in Congress, HUD and the rest of the assisted housing and community development field.  Members of NAHRO receive the Monitor as a member benefit.  The Monitor, as well as a year of back issues, is available to members online. Members may also sign up to receive an e-mail notification when the online Monitor is posted. Jobs are often posted on the website a week earlier than in the print edition.

A popular feature of the Monitor is the Classifieds Section, which includes employment ads, requests for proposals and industry ads.  This section is available on the members area of the website.  If you're interested in placing a job, visit the Industry jobs page where you can post your job,  review submission  instructions,  review the Monitor deadline schedule or for additional information, email to:

                                                             Members can receive a hard copy of the Monitor by sending in a subscription form.

                                                              If you're interested in learning about membership in NAHRO, visit the membership area.