NAHRO Professional Development

NAHRO has long delivered on its mandate to provide superior professional development to organizations and individuals in the affordable housing field.

Our comprehensive agenda of educational and informational opportunities is second to none, enabling participants to learn firsthand from recognized experts in subject areas and on topics as timely as the day's headlines, and preparing them to take the knowledge gained and put it into practice in their own agencies and communities.

Whatever your career path, interest, or training need, NAHRO Professional Development has the resources, programs, and tools to get you up to speed and keep you there.


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Seminars and Online Education
From basic to advanced learning, NAHRO offers indispensable sessions, courses, and briefings throughout the year on vital topics impacting the live classroom format or via convenient distance learning programs.


90-minute online sessions led by industry experts dedicated to updating assisted and affordable housing industry professionals on the latest and most relevant information in a quick, timely manner. The final 20 minutes are reserved for a question and answer period.

Under the new NAHRO Professional Development System (NPDS), certification attains new significance as candidates are immersed in curricula that promote knowledge, leadership skills, and experiences necessary to career advancement.

On-site Training and Technical Assistance
A great way to save time, money, and travel expenses while making the learning process easy and convenient, any of NAHRO's regular seminars can be brought in-house for a personalized learning experience.

Intern Assistance Program
A uniquely NAHRO-inspired initiative, this effort helps Public Housing Authorities find, attract, recruit, and retain individuals interested in pursuing a career in the affordable housing industry.

John L. Carroll Memorial Scholarship

For more information please contact the NAHRO Professional Development team at (877)-866-2476 or