NAHRO's Sequestration Webinar Series

Sequestration Webinars

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NAHRO and the Concord Coalition, a non-partisan organization that advocates for responsible fiscal policy, are working together on a three-part webinar on sequestration.  Concord Coalition Policy Director Josh Gordon will present in the first two videos.  The purpose of this series is to educate and inform our members on the reality of severe, across-the-board cuts to non-defense discretionary programs.  Each of the three segments will focus on a different aspect of sequestration:

1.      The first session, Sequestration 101, explains what the sequester is and why it is important.  It is accompanied by an introduction from NAHRO's CEO, Saul Ramirez. 


      2. The second session will discuss the overall implications and impacts of the fiscal cliff.  It will include an analysis of the Administration's release of sequestration numbers, and will discuss both long- and short-term remedies and their specific relationship to domestic discretionary spending. 

3. The third session will detail how cuts will go into effect if sequestration goes forward.  NAHRO's policy team will analyze the impact of the Administration’s plan on Public Housing, Section 8, and CDBG. 

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