Sunny Shaw, Candidate for Senior Vice President- 2017-2019



Sunny Shaw Contact Information

Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello
Attn: Sunny
P.O. Box 4161
Pocatello, Id 83205
     Twitter @sunnyshaw7    

Campaign Questions/Answers

May Question - How do you plan to effect diversity in NAHRO?
May Answer

June Question - What specific ideas do you have to increase our sphere of influence with our legislators?
June Answer

July Question - Please tell us about some of the projects that you were involved in as lead in terms of advocacy.What would “you” personally improve in the NAHRO organization?  Why?
July Answer

August Question: What would “you” personally improve in the NAHRO organization? Why?
August Answer

Vision Statement


My vision statement for NAHRO is summed up in 3 words:  People. Purpose. Passion.


  • The PEOPLE we serve must always be on the forefront of our minds as we act with the greatest of integrity to not jeopardize the programs that are needed for their stability.
  • We must work to insure that our agencies and organization are as rich with diversity, of every kind, as the PEOPLE we serve.
  • With the graying of America we are also seeing the graying of NAHRO. We must prepare our future leaders and link them back to the PEOPLE being served by NAHRO.



  • As NAHRO embarks on a Renaissance, we have a chance to review our PURPOSE and who we are as an organization. It is an opportunity for us to rebrand our organization. This should involve reviewing our constitution and committee structure to ensure viability, integrity and diversity.
  • NAHRO has been steadfast in effective advocacy, and we must, with PURPOSE, grow and embolden our messages and voice nationally at the federal level. NAHRO must develop and strengthen industry partnerships to better meet the needs of all we serve.
  • NAHRO has built an amazing educational system and we must continuously improve our professional development curriculum and give our faculty the tools needed to present the best product available. We must explain the PURPOSE of ethical education to those we serve.
  • Identify ways that will strengthen the relationship between NAHRO and those agencies converting via RAD; while continuing to advocate for the remaining agencies that find the process ineffective and need new and different ideas to sustain and retain their PURPOSE and their portfolio.


  • We must have an unwavering commitment.  A PASSIONATE commitment can change the conversations around poverty, homelessness, and income inequality.
  • NAHRO must take a PASSIONATE lead role as the emotional, honest, progressive and relentless voice for affordable housing and the impacts on citizens and poverty.
  • NAHRO must serve you and your needs and I want to make absolutely certain that is a PASSIONATE focus of my tenure as your leader.

Campaign Endorsements

Frank Aggazio                                                                  
Executive Director, Allegheny Co HA (PA)
PAHRA Immediate Past President

Arkansas NAHRO

Sharon Carlson
Executive Director, Belding Housing Commission
Small Agency Task Force Chair

Ron Clewer,
CEO, Rockford HA (IL)

Barb Dacy
Executive Director, Washington County CDA (MN)
Minnesota NAHRO President

Felicia Davis
Deputy Director, Winnebago County HA (IL)

Jim Dewey
Executive Director, Port Huron Housing Commission (MI)
Michigan NAHRO Sr. VP
NCRC NAHRO Member at Large

Rob Fredericks                                
Deputy Executive Director, HA of the City of Santa Barbara (CA)

Lisa Garcia
Vice President of Assisted Housing, Housing Authority of the City of Austin (TX)

Michael Gerber
President & CEO, Housing Authority of the City of Austin (TX)
Strategic Planning Advisory Group Chair

Diane Haislip
Deputy CEO, Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County (MD)
Past Member Services Committee Chair

Saeed Hajarizadeh
Deputy Director, Vancouver HA (WA)
IRGE Committee Vice-chair

Richard Herrington
Executive Director, Hot Springs HA (AR)
NAHRO Fellow

Duane Hopkins
CFO/Deputy Director, Housing Catalyst (CO)
Professional Development Committee Chair

Ann Horton
Executive Director
Yankton Housing and Redevelopment Commission (SD)

Dianne Hovdestad
Interim Executive Director, Sioux Falls Housing & Redevelopment Commission (SD)
NAHRO Fellow
Mountain Plains NAHRO Regional President

Jim Inglis
Executive Director, Livonia Housing Commissioner (MI)
NAHRO Past President
NAHRO Fellow
NCRC NAHRO Legislative Committee Chair

Idaho Chapter NAHRO

Eugene Jones, Jr
CEO, Chicago Housing Authority

Anna Judge
Director of Property Management, Dakota Co. Community Development Agency (MN)

Barbara Kauss
Executive Director, HA of the Co. of Stanislaus (CA)

Jennifer Keogh
Assistant HRA Manager, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities (MN)
NCRC NAHRO VP of Housing

Janice Kimball
Executive Director, HA of the County of Salt Lake (UT)

Lowel Krueger
Executive Director, Yakima Housing Authority (WA)
PNRC NAHRO Immediate Past President

Chris Lamberty
Assistant Director, Lincoln HA (NE)
Past Housing Committee Chair

Bob Lane
Executive Director, New Albany HA (IN)
NCRC NAHRO Professional Development VP

Diane Larson
Executive Director, Itasca County HRA (MN)

Peter Lifari
Deputy Director,Adams County HA (CO)

Clif Martin
Executive Director, Housing Commission ofAnne Arundel County (MD)
NAHRO Housing America Task Force Chair

John Mahon
Executive Director, Bayonne HA (NJ)
Housing Committee Vice-Chair
Middle Atlantic Regional Council - NAHRO

Craig Maraschky
Executive Director, Aurora Housing Authority (CO)
Mountain Plains NAHRO VP of Housing

Betsey Martens
Executive Director, Boulder Housing Partners (CO)
NAHRO Past President

Maryland Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (MAHRA)

Don May
Executive Director, Adams County HA (CO)
Legislative Network Chair

Dominic Mitchell
Section 8 Programs Manager, St Paul Public Housing Agency (MN)

Cynthia Osborne
Executive Director, Elkton HA (MD)

Middle Atlantic Regional Council - NAHRO

New England Regional Council - NAHRO

Pacific Northwest Regional Council - NAHRO

Marsha Parham
Executive Director, Baltimore Co. Housing Office (MD)
Maryland NAHRO President

Joe Pash
Account Executive, Johnson Controls
NCRC NAHRO Vendor Representative

Bob Peterson
Manager MHCF, Washington State Housing Finance Commissioner (WA)

DeeAnna Peterson
Executive Director, Jackson HRA (MN)
NCRC NAHRO Regional President
B&A Chair

Ed Primm
Senior Project Manager – Real Estate, Allegheny Co HA (PA)

Andy Rodriguez
Executive Director, Nampa HA (ID)
PNRC NAHRO Past President
Member Services Vice-chair

Karina Rorris
Commissioner, HA of the City of Pocatello (ID)
PNRC NAHRO VP of Commissioners

Marty Ryan
Executive Director, Albia Housing Authority (IA)
Iowa Past President& Board of Governors

Michael Shore
President/CEO HOM, Inc

Mike Slavik
Board Chair, Dakota County CDA (MN)

Sally Stang
Director or Housing & Community Development, City of Tucson (AZ)

Lisa Stevens
Rental Programs Manager, Idaho Housing & Finance Association (ID)
Idaho NAHRO Chapter President
PNRC NAHRO VP of Member Services

Joanne Toomey
Executive Director, Dedham HA (MA)

Deanna Wagner
Commissioner, Douglas Co HA (NE)
Past Commissioners Committee Chair

Patti Webster
Deputy Director, HA of Billings (MT)
Mountain Plains NAHRO Immediate Past President
Professional Development Committee Vice-chair

Larry Williams
Executive Director Freeport Housing Authority (IL)

Lisa Wolters
Director of Intergovernmental Relations, Seattle HA

Alan Zais
Executive Director, Winnebago County HA (IL)
Illinois NAHRO Sr. VP
NCRC Member at Large

Campaign Statement


Vision Statement

Campaign Statement


Vision Statement