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Certification Exams

Opportunities to sit for/re-take a Certification Exam are available at NAHRO National Conferences (Washington Conference, Summer Conference and National Conference & Exhibition) with other opportunites at other locations throughout the year.  Online Certification Exams are also now available. Interested candidates must register in advance for the exam, indicating which exam they would like to take and at what location. There is a $200 fee for Certification Exams for NAHRO Members, $300 fee for non-members. 

NAHRO sends exam results only to the individual participant unless authorized by that participant to also send the result to the employer or other person(s). 

After registering and submitting fee below for an online certification exam, please email certification@nahro.org with the title of the certification exam you wish.   Instructions on accessing the exam will then be provided.

DateLocation (click city for details)Time
Monday, January 27, 2020Baltimore, Maryland

In conjunction with The Maryland Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies (MAHRA)
Friday, February 28, 2020Augusta, GeorgiaREGISTRATION CLOSED
Exam TypeFeeRegistration Form
Certification ExamNAHRO Member $200

Non-Member $300

CLICK HERE for printable Certification Exam Registration Form

NAHRO Certification Exams

  • NAHRO Certified Management Executive (CME) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Manager of Property Operations (CMPO) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Manager of Voucher Operations (CMVO) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Project-Based Vouchers (CPBV)
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of RAD Project-Based Vouchers (CRPBV)
  • NAHRO Certfied Specialist of RAD Project-Based Rental Assistance (CRPBRA)
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Inspection-Housing Quality Standards (CSI-HQS) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Inspection-Uniform Physical Condition Standards (CSI-UPCS) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Eligibility and Calculation-Housing Choice Vouchers (CSEC-HCV) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Occupancy-Housing Choice Vouchers (CSO-HCV)
  • Combined CSEC-HCV and CSO-HCV Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Eligibility and Calculation-Public Housing (CSEC-PH) Exam
  • NAHRO Certified Specialist of Occupancy-Public Housing (CSO-PH) Exam
  • Combined CSEC-PH and CSO-PH Exam

Updated 10/7/2019

CertificationDesignationIssued in 2016Issued in 2017Issued in 2018Issued in 2019(as of 9/12/2019)Historical With Passing Exam Score
Certified Specialist of OccupancyCSO-HCV678112514978%
Certified Specialist of Eligibility and CalculationCSEC-HCVNANA11515288%
Certified Specialist of InspectionCSI-HQS472710678%
Certified Public Housing ManagerC-PHM733613512789%
Certified Specialist of Project-Based VouchersCPBVNANA1289%
Certified Specialist of RAD Project-Based VouchersCRPVNANA121497%
Certified Manager of OperationsCMPO804179%
NAHRO Certified CommissionerNCC82537245NA
Certified Maintenance ManagerCMM042787%
Certified Management ExecutiveCME9123277%


Monday, April 8, 2019Arlington, Virginia
Tuesday, May 21, 2019Anaheim, California
Wednesday, June 19, 2019Holyoke, Massachusetts
Thursday, July 11, 2019Boston, Masschusetts
Thursday, August 1, 2019Washington DC
October 11, 2019San Antonio, Texas

October 25, 2018: Atlanta, Georgia
August 10, 2018: Phoenix, Arizona
July 27, 2018: San Francisco, California
June 18, 2018: Gaithersburg, Maryland
May 22, 2018: Sacramento, California
April 23, 2018: Arlington, Virginia
March 27, 2018: Lincoln, Nebraska
October 27, 2017: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 15, 2017: Atlantic City, New Jersey
October 6, 2017:  Lincoln, Nebraska
August 30, 2017: Greensboro, North Carolina
August 18, 2017: Washington DC
July 22, 2017: Rossville, Illinois
July 16, 2017: Indianapolis, Indiana
July 14, 2017:  Huntsville, Alabama
May 17, 2017:  Augusta, Georgia
May 5, 2017:  Detroit, Michigan
April 24, 2017:  Portland, Oregon
April 18, 2017:  Fort Worth, Texas
April 7, 2017:  Austin, Texas
March 27, 2017:  Arlington, Virginia
February 8, 2017:  Islip, New York
January 30, 2017:  Glen Burnie, Maryland
January 24, 2017:  Napa, California
January 12, 2017:  Greensboro, North Carolina