Certification & Training

Certification Exams

NAHRO Certification Exams are now available online. Opportunities are also available to sit for/re-take a Certification Exam at NAHRO National Conferences (Washington Conference and National Conference & Exhibition) with other opportunities at other locations throughout the year. There is a $130 fee for Certification Exams for NAHRO Members, $195 fee for non-members. 

NAHRO sends exam results only to the individual participant unless authorized by that participant to also send the result to the employer or other person(s). 

After registering and submitting fee below for an online certification exam, please email certification@nahro.org with the title of the certification exam you wish.   Instructions on accessing the exam will then be provided.

Exam Accommodations
If you have a disability that would prevent you from taking the CME Examination under standard conditions, you may request special accommodation. NAHRO will honor all reasonable accommodations at no extra charge to the registrant. Any request for translation services will be honored. However, the cost of these services will be the responsibility of the registrant.
Submit your request in writing (link to request form below) to certification@nahro.org or to NAHRO Certification, 630 I ST NW, Washington DC, 20001, specifying the accommodations you need, after submitting your registration. After your accommodations request, registration, and fees are received, NAHRO will contact you confirming the arrangements, including the date, time, and location for the special test administration, if required.

NAHRO Certification Exams

  • NAHRO Certified Management Executive (CME)
  • NAHRO Certified Manager of Property Operations (CMPO)
  • NAHRO Certified Manager of Voucher Operations (CMVO)
  • NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM) 
  • Managing Maintenance
  • Project-Based Vouchers
  • RAD Project-Based Vouchers
  • RAD Project-Based Rental Assistance
  • Housing Quality Standards (HQS) 
  • Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS)
  • Housing Choice Vouchers Eligibility, Income & Rent Calculation
  • Housing Choice Vouchers Occupancy
  • Housing Choice Vouchers Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation
  • Public Housing Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation
  • Public Housing Occupancy
  • Public Housing Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation