Certification & Training

Executive Management & Board Relations


Dive into the relationship between Executive Management and housing Board Members. The most successful organizations are ones where there is a culture of collaboration and mutual respect between the Board of Commissioners and the agency’s Executive Director and leadership team.

This training focuses on clarifying the roles of governance and administration, improving and maintaining strong relationships, managing conflict, and collaborating on the agency’s mission, vision and goals to build a strong, high performing agency that achieves its mission and is actively moving towards its strategic goals.


After completing this training, participants will be able to:

· Identify the role of the Board (governance branch)

· Recall the role of the Executive Director and Senior management in administration and day-to-day operations

· Apply strategies to improve collaboration and build strong relationships between agency leadership and the Board

· Recognize areas of conflict and apply strategies to ensure open communication, encourage diverse opinions, and work together to identify the best path forward

· Create an environment that values and actively pursues diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Who Should Attend

· Commissioners

· Executive Directors

· Chief Executive Officers

· Senior Managers/Directors