Certification & Training

HOTMA: Change in Focus


The Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act (HOTMA) has made a myriad of changes to the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing.  

This class will view HOTMA from the lens of how it affects different program aspects from a micro and macro level. We will review the optional and required policy decisions PHA’s will need to make to be in compliance with HOTMA.  

We will provide scenarios on how HOTMA will be changing the way we calculate, adjust and determine income and eligibility.  

Focusing on the following 3 sections of HOTMA: 

  • Section 102 – Income Reviews 
  • Section 103 – Over-Income Tenants of Public Housing (in effect) 
  • Section 104 – Asset Limitations 


After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify regulatory changes in eligibility and annual income for applicants and participant families 
  • Understand where the program has changed 
  • Determine Administrative Plan/ACOP Revisions to existing and new policies. 
  • Update knowledge on what is considered income and what is excluded 
  • Calculate rents and apply correct allowances at initial, new admission, interim and annual re-examination. 
  • Operationalize the phase in and hardship clauses built within the changes to limit impacts on families. 
  • Obtain knowledge on when to process interim re-examinations and determine the effective dates. 
  • Refresh knowledge on the student rule 
  • Preemptively celebrate the end of EID which is within 2 years of the final rule. 
  • Apply the asset limits to your program at new admission and re-examinations. 
  • Understand and apply the updated Income Limits in Public Housing 
  • Uphold the HCV/PH program and regulations to the highest standards 
  • Understand the impacts of HOTMA on their program 
  • Apply the new HOTMA rules to their program 
  • Process interim and annual re-examinations accurately 
  • Maintain program compliance 

Who Should Attend?

  • HCV Specialists  
  • Housing Specialists 
  • Supervisors  
  • Housing Leads 
  • Eligibility Technicians  
In-Person or
Virtual Classroom
In-Person: 2 Days
Online: 12 Hours