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Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS)


The Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) is designed to measure the management performance all public housing authorities (PHAs) nationwide.  It took effect October 1, 1998 and the first ratings were issued for 1999. On February 23, 2011 HUD issued a new interim rule which drastically changed the PHAS performance system. This interim rule implemented REAC’s new Public Housing Assessment System, including revised physical, financial, and management assessments, and adding a new Capital Fund indicator. In addition to the interim rule, also known as PHAS III, HUD issued a Notice with guidelines for implementation.

This seminar provides a complete overview of the rule as well as information on how to ensure compliance and maximize the PHAS score. Faculty will discuss the rule, highlighting additions and key changes.  In addition, they will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the system using actual PHA data to provide participants with a real-life example of the new assessment system.