Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are measurements of training or other experiences that create a consistent record of the amount and/or time of training received.

 What do I need CEUs for?

They are required for recertification of/to maintain most NAHRO certifications, to ensure you are up to date in your area of certification.  They also can be used as a substitute for some elective seminars required for certification.  They are also useful to document your professional development to your supervisors, prospective employers and yourself.

 How many CEUs are required for recertification?

A minimum of 0.50 CEUs every three years, although some certifications require additional CEUs.  Please visit for more information.

 How many CEUs do I earn for a training seminar?

Generally 0.1 CEU per hour of training.. 

Some examples:

One day live seminar (6.5 hours): 0.65 CEUs

Two day live seminar: 1.3 CEUs

One 2.5 hour e-Learning online seminar: 0.25 CEUs

90 Minute Concurrent Session at a conference: 0.15 CEUs

 Can I use other types of experience in lieu of CEUs for recertification?

Yes, some of the activities/experience you can use to recertify are the following:

National President        2.5 CEU

National Committee Chair        1.9 CEU

NAHRO Board of Ethics and Credentialing Trustees Chair   1.9 CEU

Regional President      1.4 CEU

State Chapter President     1.4 CEU

Chair Regional or State Committee    .65 CEU

Chair of NAHRO Examination Board    .65 CEU

Active Member of National Committee      .30 CEU

Active Member of NAHRO Board of Ethics and Credentialing Trustees      .30 CEU

Active Member of NAHRO Examination Board      .30 CEU

Attend 90 min. National conference session        .15 CEU

Assist in developing National conference session       .15 CEU

Moderate a National conference session           .15 CEU

Participate as panelist for National conference session .25 CEU

Teach a class related to housing and community development (2 or more times a year)  .65 CEU

Publish an article related to housing and community development  .65 CEU

 How do I verify and document the CEUs I have earned?

  1. When you complete a NAHRO live seminar or e-Learning online, you will sign in every day or participate in a “roll call” and receive a certificate of completion.  To receive documentation of attendance at concurrent sessions at conferences, you must have your name badge scanned when you enter the session. 
  2. Please contact to request a summary of the CEUs earned at national NAHRO conferences.