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NAHRO Professional Development is excited to offer our Faculty members the opportunity to take advantage of our streamlined resources! Please navigate the menu and learn more about the resources available to you. Here's to making life...easier!


For New Faculty

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Faculty Benefits

  1. Immediate access to the NAHRO website, resources, and additional NAHRO member privileges.
  2. $200 discount on our National, Summer, and Washington Conference Registrations. Registration is OPEN for the National Conference. Please complete this FORM
  3. Complimentary Registration for all NAHRO Professional Development online sessions. As we work to automate this process, please send an email to professionaldevelopment@nahro.org to reserve your spot.
  4. NAHRO Faculty Business Cards! To request new or additional business cards, please send an email to professionaldevelopment@nahro.org



For Current Faculty

Faculty Contact Information

Update Your Bio-Due annually August 25th.

Update Your Resume-Due annually August 25th.










For more information please contact the NAHRO Professional Development Team at (877) 866-2476 or ProfessionalDevelopment@nahro.org