HUD to Make Regularly Scheduled January Payments for Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program


In anticipation of the new federal budget, while hoping for the best, NAHRO has also been preparing for the worst. We talked to HUD staff and learned that irrespective of whether there’s a shutdown, the Department will still send out its January payments on time (these include housing assistance payments and administrative fees for the Housing Choice Voucher program and the Operating Fund for Public Housing). We remain committed to working with HUD to ensure that any potential government shutdown has a minimal effect on program management.

Congress still has not finalized a budget for 2019. The federal government is currently operating on a continuing resolution (CR) which will last until December 21. This will fund the government at 2018 levels, until the CR is either extended or a final budget is passed for 2019. In the event that Congress and the President do not extend the CR or pass a final budget, the federal government will shut down.

With the help of all of NAHRO’s members, we have been an important part of the conversation to educate members of Congress of the consequences of simply extending the CR (without additional voucher funding) or shutting down the government. We have exceeded our goal of sending 3,400 letters and are approaching 4,000 letters. We need to keep the pressure up to make sure that the decision-makers in Washington know the consequences of not acting fiscally responsible.

If you have not reached out to Congress yet, please visit NAHRO’s Action Center.