Associate/Allied Individual Online Application

Connection to NAHRO Gives You Expert Information, Education and Assistance to Prepare for the Challenges Ahead

Under NAHRO’s dues structure, membership is available to organizations—housing authorities, public agencies, for-profits, and non-profits involved in assisted housing or community revitalization. If your organization is a member of NAHRO, it is entitled to designate Benefit Recipients/Associates who will benefit from the connection to NAHRO and its products and services.

Allied Individual membership is available for $25 a year to the few individuals who are not connected to an organization that is eligible for organizational membership. They include those who are:

  • academics
  • students
  • unemployed
  • retired or
  • employed by the military HUD, or international persons.

If you are self-employed, you must join as a for-profit company—see applications under affiliate agencies.

Allied Individual members and Individual Associates have full access to the NAHRO Web site including all of the special member services. They can see the Jobs Available; read the NAHRO Monitor and Journal online; receive the member discount on NAHRO Seminars and Conferences; take advantage of the email notifications, and, if they choose, they may purchase subscriptions to the NAHRO Monitor for $20 per year.

If you are connected as an employee or commissioner to a NAHRO organizational member, you may become a NAHRO Benefit Recipient/Associate and have full access to the NAHRO Web Site including all of the special list serves. You can read the NAHRO Monitor and Journal online, even be notified when it is available. You may also take advantage of the member registration rate for NAHRO seminars and conferences. Fill out the form below to see if your member organization has free Benefit Recipients/Associate slots still available. Then you could be a Benefit Recipients/Associate at no cost. If your agency’s free allotment has been filled, you may pay the additional $25 Associate fee to join.

NAHRO Staff will manually enter your application into the database. You will receive your login information once your application has been processed.

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