Associate Portal

NAHRO has created an Associate Portal for all Executive Directors/Primary Contacts to review the list of individuals and Associates connected to their agency and update that information in real time.  To access the Portal, please log into the NAHRO website with your individual login.  Your login consists of the following:

  • Username (email address NAHRO has on file for you)
  • Password (NAHRO ID number minus the leading zeros if you have not changed it to something else)

Once you are logged in, click on “My Account” at the top of the page, the “Access My Account” on the next page and finally “My Groups” on the following page.  This will take you to the Associate Portal information page.  If you are the ED/Primary Contact for more than one agency, please use the dropdown arrow to select the Agency record you wish to view.  To toggle between your agencies, hit the back button.

Once you have entered the Portal, please select either the Group Manager Button or the Agency Profile Button at the bottom of the information page depending on what you would like to do as outlined below.

The Group Manager button allows you to:

  • Add/Delete Employees/Commissioners: You can review all of the individuals connected to your agency/organization as an employee or commissioner – adding or deleting them as necessary.  If you need to add or remove an Executive Director/Primary Contact, you will still need to contact to complete this action.  Please note, names on this list may be old since NAHRO has only been updating contact information for Associates for the past several years.
  • Assign/Remove Associates:  You can review all of the Individuals assigned as Associate Members through your agency/organization’s membership – adding or deleting them as necessary.  Please note, before you can assign someone to be an Associate, they must first be listed in the employee section.  Likewise, if you are removing a person as an Associate and as an employee, you will need to remove them under the employee section as well.
  • Assign a Group Manager:  The group manager is the person in your agency/organization who can update your Agency’s individual and Associate records.  The Executive Director/Primary Contact is automatically assigned to this role and he/she can add others.

The Agency Profile button allows you to:

Make changes to your agency’s/organization’s contact information including address, phone, fax and email, and make payments on open orders. If you need to make changes to your units or population size, please use the Agency Information Management form.

If you have any questions, trouble using the new Portal,

or if you need your login information, please contact the Customer Service Member Relations Department toll-free at (877) 866-2476 or email us at