Current CR Expires Soon: Tell Congress to Prioritize HUD Spending

Government spending runs out at the end of this week, on Dec. 16: speak out in support of HUD programs and help NAHRO reach its goal of sending 2,000 letters!

Congress returned to Washington in November after the mid-term election to wrap up unfinished business. This is referred to as the “lame duck” session. Appropriations bills and tax extenders are among the highest priorities, creating an opportunity to bolster affordable housing programs.

However, the clock is running out. Congress must past fiscal year 2023 appropriations bills or another continuing resolution (CR) before the current CR expires on Dec. 16. NAHRO, along with CLPHA, PHADA, and the MTW Collaborative, sent a letter urging Congress to approve the highest possible funding levels for HUD programs. Speak up on behalf of your community and tell your legislators to approve robust funding for HUD.

Congress must also address a number of expiring tax provisions before the end of the calendar year, creating an opportunity to pass important housing credit legislation. Housing advocates must urge Congress to include the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program in any tax package, particularly through the addition of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (S 1136/ HR 2573) into any tax legislation.

NAHRO has added two letters to the Advocacy Action Center, one focused on FY23 HUD appropriations and a second on the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Help NAHRO support these programs by sending both letters several times throughout the lame duck session, which is expected to run until the holidays.