Get Ready for the 2023 NAHRO Leadership Election!

Current SVP and Candidate for NAHRO President George Guy (left) and Candidate for Sr. Vice President Sean Gilbert (right)

Every two years, NAHRO members elect a President and Senior Vice President to lead the association for a two-year term. The current leadership term ends Oct. 8, 2023. 

Who are the current candidates?

On Sept. 23, during the NAHRO Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, George Guy, Executive Director of the Fort Wayne Housing Authority and the current NAHRO Senior Vice President, officially announced his candidacy for the office of NAHRO President.  Sean Gilbert,  NAHRO Fellow, Executive Director of the Morristown Housing Authority (TN), announced his candidacy for the office of NAHRO Senior Vice President.  Video recordings of their announcements will be posted on the NAHRO website soon.

NAHRO will provide ongoing  election news  via the NAHRO Monitor, Direct News, and virtual events. Additionally, candidates will have the opportunity to share messages with voters via email, which NAHRO will transmit throughout the campaign period. 

Who is eligible to run for office?
All NAHRO Associates and Allied Individuals are eligible to serve as NAHRO President or Senior Vice President.  Members who want their names placed on the election ballot as a nominee for either office must advise the Nominating and Election Committee Chair (N&E)   Diane Cohen at:, before July 11, 2023, or submit a valid petition by Aug. 7.   

When is the election?
The election will be held in September 2023, and the results will be announced at the National Conference and Exhibition, which is scheduled for Oct. 6-8, 2023, in New Orleans, La. NAHRO members on record as of Aug. 22, 2023, will  be provided with either an electronic or paper ballot.

Members should feel free to direct  questions to N&E Chair Cohen or staff liaison Sylvia Bowen.       

Want more information?

Sylvia Gimenez

Director of Communications
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