Global Ethics Day and the NAHRO Code of Professional Conduct

In commemoration of Global Ethics Day, which takes place on October 21, 2020, NAHRO is reminding members and stakeholders of the association’s ethical standards, as embodied by NAHRO’s Code of Professional Conduct (the Code). All NAHRO members and all NAHRO Certification holders must abide by the Code.  

NAHRO’s Board of Ethics and Credentialing Trustees (BECT), currently chaired by Mark Thiele, is responsible for administering the NAHRO Code of Professional Conduct. “We are proud to celebrate Global Ethics Day,” Thiele said. “NAHRO remains committed to upholding ethical standards among its members and those who are NAHRO Certified – not just with our Code of Conduct, but also with our ethics requirements for certification. Thank you to George Guy, Carrie Riley, and the rest of the Board of Ethics and Credentialing Trustees for their leadership.”

During the 2017-2019 term, the BECT, under the leadership of previous Chair Carrie Riley, comprehensively reviewed and revised the Code, then presented the revised Code to the NAHRO Board of Governors, who approved it.  

“Ethics are a vital part of our ever-changing industry,” said Trustee George Guy, who chaired the Ethical Leadership Working Group that revised the Code to ensure it is current and relevant. “The NAHRO Code of Professional Conduct must continue to grow and change with the times, and I was glad to lead this latest revision effort.”  

Among the updates to the Code, NAHRO members and those who have attained a NAHRO Certification are required to:

  • Create organizational and community environments that are free of harassment and discrimination; and
  • Strive to keep all communication free of bias and offensive slang.

NAHRO is committed to continuing to uphold ethical standards through initiatives such as the NAHRO Code of Professional Conduct, and will update the Code to ensure that that it is up-to-date and pertinent.

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