THIS WEEK: Enterprise IT Risk and Cybersecurity for PHA Executives

Thursday, June 3, 1 p.m. EST

As we continue to evolve after a year of remote work, a surge in public housing needs, and an immediate need to provide services online, understanding enterprise risk management is more critical than ever. In this sponsored webinar Avèro Advisors will provide your executive team with a high-level overview of enterprise risk: what it is, why it’s essential, where to start, what questions to ask, and four takeaways to start enterprise risk management within your organization, whether small or large.

We’ll also focus on cybersecurity as it pertains to enterprise risk management and the executive’s role in ensuring that management look beyond the “blinking lights in the data center”. Cybersecurity needs to happen from the top down, and we’ll talk about the non-technical aspects of this important discipline that are often overlooked in favor of “cutting edge” technologies.

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Director of Communications
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