Shutdown, Month 2: Resources and Advocacy

Today marks one month since the government shutdown began, and current negotiations seem to make little headway. To remind lawmakers and the White House about the impact of the on-going shutdown, NAHRO is asking all members to send letters to both Congress and the White House through the Advocacy Action Center every single day until the government is reopened.

Your voice is critical to putting pressure on elected officials in Washington to end the shutdown. A daily reminder from you will send a clear message that this situation cannot continue.

While we are asking you to send the same letter day after day, we do encourage you to edit the letter with local impacts as they arise in your community. Personalized letters have a greater influence in offices and will give lawmakers fodder to encourage leadership to move to end the shutdown.

NAHRO is also communicating with congressional and White House leadership – a letter was sent today urging them to finalize negotiations and reopen HUD immediately.

NAHRO is Here to Help

We know many of you are struggling with the shutdown, but we’re here to help. We’ve set up an FAQ page to answer your frequently-asked questions about the shutdown. We also have a sample letter (MS Word file) you can download and send to landlords to answer some of their questions. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to NAHRO’s Director of Congressional Relations Tess Hembree.

Want more information?

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Director of Communications
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