Tell Congress: Preserve Public Housing for the Future!

Thank you to everyone who has sent letters so far during this year’s August Advocacy Campaign. Almost 700 advocates have already joined us in urging Congress to support affordable housing and community development programs. This week, send a letter in support of public housing. Tell your legislators and the White House to:

  • Provide at least $70 billion in funding to fill the Public Housing Capital Fund backlog
  • Fully fund the Public Housing Capital and Operating Funds annually
  • Make all voluntary preservation and redevelopment tools, like the Rental Assistance Demonstration, available to all public housing agencies

Chronic underfunding of the Public Housing Capital Fund program has placed the inventory at risk, and Capital Fund appropriations lag dangerously behind accruing modernization needs. Public housing units provide the only permanently affordable housing in the nation. Congress must preserve public housing for the 1.2 million households who live in the units and for the future generations.

Send your advocacy letters online using the Action Alert Center. To learn more about August Advocacy and track progress on our goals, visit the August Advocacy website.